How to Keep a Mummy Volume 1 Review

How to Keep a Mummy:

Volume 1

Reviewed by: Linny

That doesn’t sound very mummy-like but I’m no mummy expert.

Synopsis: High School student, Sora Kashiwagi lives with his aunt while his explorer father travels the world. Ever so often, Sora’s loving but somewhat air-headed dad sends him mysterious packages that contain the most eclectic supernatural items that have almost cost Sora his life. When his latest package arrives, Sora is terrified of the tiny mummy that emerges from it but soon comes to learn just how extraordinary and adorable his new palm sized buddy is.

Review (Warning: Spoilers to Follow):

 Right from the start, the art of How to keep a Mummy screams youthful and silly. The art is somewhat simple but suits the mood of the comedy perfectly. The series feels like it would best appeal to beginners of manga and comedy manga as the jokes in it are somewhat generic and might bore anyone who expects something a little more fresh or unique. No doubt the premise of the story is somewhat novel, that of a high school kid forced to raise and live with a palm sized mummy but the jokes themselves don’t sparkle with creativity. It has all the cuteness one would associate with having a chibi mummy i.e if the sound and look of a miniature mummy sounds adorable to you, you’re going to love this story. The whole concept of chibi character paired with gentle main protagonist has been well explored in the anime and manga world and so for anyone who is very familiar with that set-up, you should be able to easily guess what to expect from How to Keep a Mummy and whether or not it is for you.

Mii-kun vision looks mighty similar to bishonen vision.

For the newbies, or anyone not familiar with this set up, here’s what you can expect. Some funny and adorable moments do arise out of this pint sized mummy trying to become a part of Sora’s life by offering to do housework, and Sora himself having to now care for this really unusual creature, like trying to figure out a way for the little guy to drink water without ending up drowning in it. The jokes won’t have you rolling with laughter but it might make you grin or let out at ‘aww’ at the cuteness.

When you’re trying to keep calm but all your buttons are being pushed.

When it comes to the characters, Sora plays the straight man early on but as the story progresses, it becomes clear that like all comedies, each character has a quirky side to them. Sora seems to be a happy go lucky young man whose studies are suffering because of that happy go lucky nature. The story mentions his aunt, but we are yet to see her as apparently she is extremely busy trying to meet work deadlines and thus locked herself in her room working. Then we have Sora’s best friend, Tazuki who reveals himself to have a bit of an S&M streak. Like the story itself, the characters lack depth for now and due to the tone of the series, I doubt we will ever see them develop into more than their humorous traits. That’s not to criticize the story but to give readers an idea of the general tone.

Inappropriate training manual.

Overall, thanks to the light hearted nature of the series, How to Keep a Mummy would make a good quick read for anyone who wants something simple and cute. You might find yourself drawn to the tiny mummy and start to care for the little guy especially as the very first volume packs in a surprise development that could land everyone in some serious trouble. The story does a decent job of introducing a tense development while also exploiting its unique cast to create situations that could only arise with such a cast. If you like offbeat comedies that keep things lighthearted, How to Keep a Mummy might just tickle your fancy. Just don’t expect much depth.

How to keep a mummy is unfortunately no longer available digitally via

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