Hybrid x Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia – Preview

Hybrid x Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia:

Original Air Dates: Jul 5, 2016 to ???

That’s one cold hearted mother.

Synopsis: Kizuna was thrown away by his mother, who declared she didn’t need him anymore. Now, years later, Kizuna is called back by his sister to aid in the battle to save the world. As it turns out he has latent power within him to further boost the magical energy of a band of girls fighting to save mankind from a menacing evil. Kizuna is ready to do whatever it takes to save humanity and do his part– even if it means groping girls endlessly!? Yes, that is Kizuna’s latent power, the ability to boost a girl’s magical energy by groping them until they climax.

1st Episode Review (Warning: Some Spoilers to Follow):

Tom: Let’s be honest for a second here. If you’re going to be watching Hybrid x Heart it’s not for the characters, and it certainly isn’t for whatever passes for a plot here. Rather you’ll be watching for the “plot.” Know that while the “plot” is indeed animated quite well and provides everything “plot” should, the rest of the series animation is in a constant state of flux. Outside of the girls, who are often animated quite well, the rest of the characters tend to suffer from stilted animation or periodic off models. It’s clear where the budget went and that perhaps makes it all the more frustrating when that budget is so heavily censored. Yes, all the fan service and “plot” you’ve been wanting to see is covered up at least half the time. That said, the creators have gone to great lengths to ensure it’s not all obnoxious white flairing. Instead we’re treated to some rather hilarious censoring that adds a much needed element of comedy to offset how frequent it all is.

Linny: There’s no denying what this show has hedged its bets on as all the budget has been clearly blown on the tits and curves..I mean the girls.  I doubt anyone who decides to watch this show is going to complain though because we all know exactly why one would pick this show to be on their watch list.

Tom: Kizuna is bland. Very bland. He screams of the likes of Asterisk’s war, Chivalry of a Failed Knight and all those other cookie-cutter protagonists, but possibly even worse. Where as Asterisk War and Chivalry might have protagonists you can differentiate between, thanks to subtle characterization, Kizuna offers none of that here in the first episode. He wallows in some brief self-pity and reflection that mirrors Shinji from Evangelion before we’re introduced to his latent power to increase a girl’s fighting ability by molesting her. In fact, without the gifs throughout this article I’m not sure I’d even remember what he looked like. He really is that unmemorable.

Today, on Sexual Harassment: the anime.

Linny: He’s clearly meant to be someone the viewer can easily ignore in favour of focusing and fantasizing about the girls. Of course, he takes absolutely NO joy in feeling up the girls because that would be wrong. *rolls eyes.* Everyone is such a saint in this show. They dress in super revealing outfits and engage in ear piercing moans only because they HAVE to and there’s no other way they can save the world, so don’t judge them mm’kay?

Tom: Aine, the main girl we’re introduced to, has a superiority complex that reminds me of Asuka (although even more forward) but seems at times to lack emotions much in the same way Rei did. Aine is like a mix of two different archetypes crossed together: The Tsundere Princess and the Emotionless Damsel. It’s kind of interesting, I suppose, but makes it difficult to find Aine appealing as a character, unless you enjoy your women telling you to worship them and lick their feet, because then H-cup x H-cup is just outright catering to you.

Linny: What is with the women in this show treating our protagonist like he is a stinking pile of poo? Is this meant to appeal to submissive or self hating viewers? Because literally every major female character in this show talks down to and insults Kizuna. The show starts with some fan service, then cuts to a flashback of his mother abandoning him. Aine is extremely mean and aggressive towards him. Kizuna’s ‘sister’ as he refers to her, keeps snapping at him to shut up and basically treats him like a servant/ commodity of hers, barking commands at him constantly.

Tom: H-Cup x H-Cup’s story isn’t all that great. It’s the same drivel we get near every season: Humanity has been brought to the brink of defeat by some external and evil force and it’s now up to these girls and this one guy with a super special power to turn the tide and save humanity. Unlike its counterparts, H-cup x H-cup is upfront with its ecchi/fanservice pandering, making it entirely unappealing for anyone made uncomfortable with its overtly sexual nature.

Super sexy armoured warrior.

Linny: It was a strange experience for me as a female viewer going from an opening with lots of groping and grinding and moaning, to a scene of a young kid being abandoned by his mother as she told him he was useless. All the women in this show seem to have some rather ‘interesting’ personalities and at this point, I cannot say I am amused or intrigued by how the women are portrayed at all. Of course it’s an ecchi so I’m not surprised at my own displeasure. It also annoyed me how every girl Kizuna is shown groping is extremely uptight and prude about it afterwards because “gasp, we can’t have girls admitting they enjoy sexual activities and feelings, can we?” Unless they’re the one token extremely sexually aggressive female in the story. With a generic story that will most likely never be anywhere as impressive as the rack on the girls in this show, HxH knows exactly who it is catering to and how little effort it needs to spend on anything that isn’t the girls bodies.

Tom: H cup x H cup is based upon a Light Novel series of the same name. If anything, this anime will mostly act as an advertisement to entice viewers to check out the source material. While the Light Novels remain unlicensed, I wouldn’t be surprised if Yen Press or someone announces it’s been acquired shortly after the anime finishes airing. H cup x H cup is all about the “plot” so if you aren’t a huge ecchi fan then there isn’t much else to entice you into watching. And even if you are, you’ll be required to find the censoring amusing, because there’s so much of it getting in the way of the “plot.”

Linny: I’ve always struggled to find the appeal of ecchi as I feel it would be more beneficial to just watch more graphic material as censorship and terrible plots seem to only get in the way of the main attraction. As someone who is well aware that I am not the intended audience, all I can say is that H cup X H cup has all the ‘plot’ most ecchi fans desire with some very creative and even comedic censorship thrown in.

Tom TiolI Art Badge

“Take it or Leave it: Hybrid x Heart doesn’t offer much beyond its oppressive levels of fan service and ecchi. It’s for a singular audience and even then, thanks to all the censoring, it’ll struggle to find a dedicated base.”

Linny TiolI Art Badge

“Take it or Leave it: There’s a lot of ‘plot’, and censorship to get in the way, with very little of everything else.”













Hybrid x Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia is available for streaming via Crunchyroll.com.

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