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Idol Incidents:

Original Air Dates: January 8th, 2017 – ???

He makes a fair point.

Synopsis: In a parallel world to our own, Japan’s government has become a joke, incapable of solving the abundant problems and discontent throughout the country. But now, at long last, Idols take the stand as rescuers for the nation with no other way out! The Heroine Party, the Sunlight Party, the Starlight Party and more enter the political field to become Diet members representing each prefecture of Japan. The country shall crash through the sense of stagnation that is holding all of Japan back!

1st Episode Review (Warning: Some Spoilers to Follow):

Linny: The big thing about Idol Incident’s first episode is it’s hard to determine if it’s being serious or silly with its premise. It seems to keep contradicting itself by featuring rival political candidates and parties who keep pointing out that it is rather dumb to vote idols and celebrities into governmental positions, yet a few sequences later, those very people are swaying along to the music. Either way,  the really eccentric premise should be enough to keep viewers watching out of sheer curiosity and amusement at what the show might do with it.

Tom: Idol Incidents’ eccentric, completely absurd premise is easily it’s greatest selling point. If the show didn’t seem so dead set serious on its battle between Idols and Male politicians you’d almost think there was some sort of meta commentary on the state of the political battlefield and world (especially in the wake of America’s 2016 election.) but the show is so focused on the idol performances and appeal of the girls that it comes across more as accidental commentary. Which does still work, at least to some degree, allowing for audiences to perhaps watch on ironically.

I see a future in heavy metal music for her.

Linny: The first episode is still rather vague about its world, choosing to focus on our protagonist, Natsuki, and her rise to idol dietship. There’s a scene where the other idol in this episode, Shizuka is remembering how she was kicked out of her band because her ‘aura’ was ‘hurting’ her bandmates. The way the scene is pictured, it looks like she has some mystical presence around her that is sapping the life force/strength of her bandmates onstage. Given how outrageous the premise of this show is already, it leaves us wondering if that was a literal depiction or an allegory. In fact, I would not be surprised at all to find out it was literal and idols have magic in this world.

Tom: Outside of its bizarre yet intriguing premise, Idol Incidents offers what feel like fairly common stock characters. Natsuki is little more than your classic go getter. Shizuka is the girl who’s got immense talent but was scorned by the industry because of it and Sachie is a laid back mentor type who never seems concerned about anything. The three almost feel like stock assets and when the story focuses more so on them and their idol prep, rather than the bizarre political/idol landscape, it loses what makes it feel novel.

Linny: Natsuki is likeable enough if only because she is a popular and typical hardworking simpleton character. But the best part of the show is its villains. From comically evil to ones that look like they would be more at home in an action oriented Gundam show. They really add to the already bizarre vibe.

Tom: Animation doesn’t have too much worth mentioning save for some of the CGI blending. It works to a point, but quickly becomes obvious amongst mid length shots where their movements and models mishmash with the rest of the traditional 2D animation in the foreground.

I’d be less concerned with your fingers and more about your missing nose.

Linny: If you love anime for its ability to make stories out of the most bizarre and inane premises, Idol Incidents is one of the more fun and silly shows to come out this season. It isn’t clear yet if the show takes itself seriously or not, which will contribute a lot to my personal potential enjoyment of the series. If you’ve got time to spare and enjoy wacky concepts, do give Idol Incidents a try.

Tom: Idol Incidents is part of a Mixed-Media project, meaning we can probably expect at least a manga if not games, events and more coming out of Japan. It has me vaguely worried that the entire point of this anime is to try and drum up interest in politics by turning political landscapes into popularity idol contests. What’s worse is: What if it works and Japan’s political landscape becomes all about which Idol is cuter or more date-able? Yikes. Horrifying implications aside, Idol Incidents seems like a truly bizarre watch bound to generate a ‘wtf?’ or two.

“Recommended: Idol Incidents offers a bizarre setting and premise that is sure to turn many heads and make for a surprisingly bizarre form of entertainment.”

“Recommended: Idol Incidents’ premise of idols as politicians could be potentially hilarious if it doesn’t take itself too seriously.”











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