Ikemen Sengoku: Bromances Across Time – Anime Preview

Synopsis: Sasuke is a graduate student who finds himself transported through time, back to the Warring States period of Japanese history. However this time period is completely different from what he learned in his class textbook. He finds himself surrounded with the wacky characters of Japan’s most famous period in history.

Is this the Naruto reboot spinoff nobody asked for?

1st Episode Review (Warning: Minor Spoilers to Follow):

Tom: Ikemen Sengoku is going to cut its audience in half right away. The series only utilizes traditional 2D animation in the briefest of glimpses during its opening credits. Otherwise we’re treated to passable CGI Chibi characters depicting our lead and the rest of Japan’s most famous men, reimagined as pretty boys.

Linny: The show uses CGI to depict its chibi style characters and the truth is that it will turn away any CGI naysayers. The CGI makes it hard for the cuteness to come through as the garish colours and the look of low quality CGI overshadows any possible charm. The jokes in it aren’t that great and it doesn’t help that this is YET another take on Oda Nobunaga and his troop, an obsession that is less popular with western audiences.

Tom: Yes. This feels like the millionth reimagining of Nobunaga. And while Nobunaga, and this period in history are interesting, what’s offered here requires the same level of obsession the Japanese populace have to enjoy it. Ikemen is otherwise squarely aimed at otome fans and those who’ve enjoyed the game it’s based on.

Who left Oda in the wash too long? Now he’s all shrunken up.

Linny: The episode has almost zero character exploration with a goofy tennis match taking up most of the time. What the audience does get is a brief bit of exposition about how our hero is a history buff who ended up in a time slip but one that isn’t a historically accurate. And that’s it. The show just wants the historically renowned Nobunaga and related characters but none of the historical accuracy so they have the freedom to turn them into whatever stereotypes they want them to be.

Tom: This isn’t for the history buffs. Ikemen is focused on presenting comical versions of each of these historical figures. The comedy is decent, but nothing special, and tends to harp on one particular joke for a good portion of the episode. Even Otome fans might be a little put off, as outside of an end of episode fan service tease, the show is largely devoid of sexing up the boys.

Attack names in anime just keep getting more ridiculous.

Linny: Here’s another show this season that’s just there…as in it isn’t exactly something I could badmouth but there isn’t anything in it that makes me consider it a must watch either. Maybe it still has a chance with Otome fans should it ever start offering more sexual romances between the men but for now, all it has are weak jokes that may be best left for die hard Nobunaga fans who’ll consume anything even remotely related to his legacy.

Tom: Ikemen is yet another anime this season that doesn’t do anything in particular bad, or wrong, but doesn’t manage to feel gripping and intriguing. It’s best left to otome fans who are obsessed with the Warring States Period and don’t mind CGI chibi deformed versions of said characters. It doesn’t even really have fan service to offer for those seeking pretty boys.

“Take it or Leave it: Ikemen Sengoku’s CGI chibi art form is libel to turn fans away, yet has little else to pull them back in.”

“Take it or Leave it: Between bad CGI and weak jokes, there’s little reason to pick up Ikemen Sengoku.”












Ikemen Sengoku: Bromances Across Time is available for streaming via Crunchyroll

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