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Synopsis: Privileged but depressed, Emi Kaido witnesses her life change in an interdimensional flash when a band of otherworldly heroes rescues her from an ambush of killer robots in central Shibuya, Tokyo. Soon the chaos unfolds all around the so-called Case. (Official Viz Media Synopsis)

Ding! Ding! You got that right!

1st & 2nd Episode Review (Warning: Minor Spoilers to Follow):

Linny: Infini-T Force boasts some of the best full CGI animation used in recent anime. It looks pretty great for anyone willing to give CGI a chance. Of course, there are moments where the expressions and movements of the characters aren’t as fluid as traditional animation but what we get here is still pretty top notch work.

Tom: The trouble with Infini-T really comes from a lack of introductions. Unless you’re familiar with at least one of these four Tatsunoko Heroes, you’re straight out of luck. Zero effort is made in bringing new viewers up to speed, meaning characters pop in and you have no idea who they are, or what their backstory is. It doesn’t help that Emi, the lead girl, the only original character in the primary cast, is pretty self-centered and unlikable.

I guess Christmas came early for Galactor.

Linny: Our lead female protagonist, Emi, is definitely one of the sore spots. She’s grating and annoying as she displays all the hammed up cliches of a poor little rich girl. She’s constantly brushing other people off and self pitying or acts without any common sense or thought. The show also features a flamboyant character as a villain which reeks of the outdated style of having villains who were portrayed as flamboyantly gay to add to their ‘threat.’ This character is most likely a remnant from one of the original series this show is based upon but it feels awkward and offensive in today’s western sensibilities. But the show then does get some brownie points for having the oldest male character spout outdated sexist lines at Emi, who promptly shuts them down. The show seems to support that those thoughts are no longer acceptable in today’s world… but considering how they seem to be portraying our main female character as hard to get along with, I have slight concerns that maybe the intention was to make her more unlike-able by being so confrontational.   

Tom: While fans of these properties might enjoy our heroes coming together to fight various new villains, the basic story is fairly predictable. It plays out much as you’d expect: Each of our heroes, hailing from their own version of the world, must band together to save the multi-verse. But first, they have to fight each other a bit before coming to grasp what’s really going on. It’s riddled with cliches, making this adventure feel visually interesting, but perhaps too generic as mash ups go.

It’s an Evil Robot shish kebab.

Linny: The chances of Infini-T Force winning over a completely new audience feels a little slim considering how cliche and outdated a lot of it is, from its characters to its story telling style itself. And as Tom mentioned previously, being familiar and a fan of the franchises these heroes originate from, might be compulsory for a viewer to really and truly enjoy this series. If you are one such fan, congratulations! You get to see the return of your favourite shows and heroes in pretty praise worthy CGI. If not, then this is yet another show you can probably safely skip for the season.

Tom: Overall Infini-T is a fun ride for those familiar with Casshern, Polymar, Gatchaman or Tekkaman. You get to see your favorite Tatsunoko heroes come together to fight the forces of evil. But as the show makes no effort to reintroduce anyone, newcomers are left to fend for themselves, and what’s offered here is truly just a tad too cliche and unapproachable for anyone but the fans.

“Take it or Leave it: Infini-T Force offers surprisingly good CGI action, but fails to reintroduce its cast of heroes that most audiences will be unfamiliar with.”

“Take it or Leave it: Top notch CGI should make Infini-T Force a hit for Tatsunoko fans but the show itself feels cliche and unapproachable for anyone else.”














Infini-T Force is available for streaming via Viz Media and TubiTV.

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