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Synopsis: In a world bursting at the seams with moe monsters and humanoids of the horned sort, which brave heroes will take it upon themselves to review the beastly babes of the red-light district? Can only one be crowned the ultimate title of best girl? Behold the most tantalizing of trials, uncensored. (Official Funimation Synopsis)

He speaks the truth.

1st Episode Review (Warning: Minor Spoilers to Follow):

Linny: Before we start, lets get the obvious out of the way. Interspecies Reviewers is lewd. It’s the story of Stunk and Zel, two adventurers who’ve become absolutely obsessed with frequenting local, or even far off, brothels and having sex with as many different species of gals they can find. Expect plenty of sleazy imagery focused on jiggling breasts, large butts, and a wealth of pervy comedy. If you aren’t here for any of that, click the back button. Now, to the Ecchi lovers who stuck around, Interspecies Reviewers is what I like to call ‘Grade A’ Ecchi. There’s a lot of innovative entertainment, not just your unmentionables but also your brain. Interspecies Reviewers keeps the jokes rolling out fast and while the jokes are indeed on the raunchy side, some of them are actually surprisingly clever and don’t just resort to base lewdness or outright sleazy punchlines every time.

Tom: The ecchi genre rides a fine line between raunchy sex content and straying right into gross, creepy or even molestation or rape territory. Plunderer is an example from this very season of an ecchi that doesn’t know how to keep things sexy and naughty without getting a wee-bit rapey. Interspecies Reviewers is another story however. While it’s content is unabashedly pervy, and thus not even the least bit suitable for more general audiences, it knows how to keep it, for lack of a better word, classy. Stunk and Zel’s sex obsessed ways are focused exclusively on the Red-Light District, making their reviews of the girls feel more palatable since these characters are a part of the sex industry, rather than random women. It helps to create this kind of acceptable atmosphere, due to the inherent understanding that we’re talking exclusively about those who’ve chosen to be part of the sex trade. Another aspect that helps to keep Interspecies Reviewers palatable is how the series handles it when both Stunk and Zel get a bit too perverted. the show actively knocks both of them down, quite literally at times, or allows the innocent barmaid Meidri a chance to vocally condemn them for their sex obsessed proclivities. It’s as if the series acknowledges that this level of interest in the sex trade is kinda gross. It’s these little ways in which Interspecies presents itself that make it feel like it’s an ecchi that has managed to balance its content well enough to steer clear of a more disgusting or creepy tone. Though, it’s still a hardcore ecchi and not something you’re going to be watching around mixed company.

When fantasy turns into a nightmare.

Linny: Speaking as a female viewer, I was surprised by how often the show had me chuckling. I went in expecting to hate this show based off my experience with the manga, but instead found myself warming to the sex based comedy. That said, it’s still an undeniable fact that the show is clearly meant for the straight male audience or at the very least, those who enjoy extremely lewd humour, like when one character describes in detail how poorly their sexual encounter with a squid girl went. It’s funny, but damn is it lewd. There’s non stop close up of exposed female bodies, albeit the naughty bits censored by emoji like cut out heads of the cast. If you aren’t a straight male viewer (or lewd lesbian?) who takes delight in such content, you MAY find the regular flashes and focus on extreme fan service uncomfortable even if censored.

Tom: Interspecies Reviewers really is rife with ecchi content. You can’t go more than two minutes without seeing a pair of bouncing breasts, a tight shot on a plentiful ass or even some choice angles during literal sex scenes. It’s definitely viewing material for the perverts, beyond a doubt. But the perverts should be very happy. This is a series with crisp art and high quality breast jiggle at every turn, making it, weirdly, one of the best looking first episodes of the Winter season. There’s nothing to complain about, besides the censoring (which Funimation’s synopsis made it sound like wouldn’t be the case?)

HARD work indeed!

Linny: As someone who doesn’t watch a lot of Ecchi but can enjoy a good Ecchi comedy now and then, Interspecies Reviewers definitely comes off as promising. If it weren’t for the heavily heterosexual male oriented segments where all sorts of non human ladies parade their bodies for the camera, Interspecies Reviewers could have a lot wider appeal as for an Ecchi, it is otherwise rather inoffensive. All sexual acts are engaged with willing partners and the only potentially offensive act that occurs is one of the male leads touching the sensitive neck of a birdmaid for which he is immediately smacked down and punished. Furthermore, the show avoids coming off as completely shallow by having its cast members singing the praises of an aged older human woman over a visually far more youthful and traditionally attractive elf, heavily stating that sexual attraction and skill isn’t just about looks. By thoroughly examining and observing all the pros and cons of bedding various species, it almost gives the show some depth and makes it more palatable than say two guys just wanting to bed every attractive woman they see for pure bragging or conquest rights.

Tom: I was seriously surprised by how well Interspecies Reviewers crafts itself so it never feels outright offensive. It reminded me a lot of Golden Boy, where our pervy protagonist is utterly shameless, crazy obsessed with sex, yet somehow still comes off like a lovable pervert. As a member of the target audience I think the series works really well. As long as it continues to be clever with its comedy, and keep a leash on its two leads, it could end up being the best Ecchi I’ve seen in the last decade. (oh wait, Konosuba is an Ecchi… okay second best.)

Recommended: Interspecies Reviewers is a surprisingly well-balanced ecchi that never truly strays into gross or uncomfortable territory. It’s still just for perverts though.

Recommended: Interspecies Reviewer is surprisingly entertaining and thought out, making it a must watch for lovers of pervy humour.














Interspecies Reviewers is available for streaming via Funimation.

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