Isekai Quartet – Anime Preview

Synopsis: The button appeared out of nowhere. There weren’t any signs NOT to push it…so the solution is obvious, right? Is it a trap or the start of something new and exciting? The crews of Re:Zero, Overlord, Konosuba, and The Saga of Tanya the Evil will find out when they go from their world to another and get stuck in…class?! See what adorable chaos they’ll get up to in this collection of shorts! (Official Funimation Synopsis)

I thought you’d be used to that by now.

1st Episode Review (Warning: Minor Spoilers to Follow):

Isekai Quartet features characters from four different, yet popular Isekai franchises, clearly meant for fans of each. But for those who may have been a fan of one and unfamiliar of the others, it begs the question: Is it still approachable and entertaining? If you’re unfamiliar with any of the series featured, the bad news is this first episode barely has any time to set up its characters. The only character that gets any background exploration is Tanya from The Saga of Tanya the Evil. There’s a possibility that other shows will get their time in the spotlight later on but for now the series assumes some familiarity with Konosuba, Re:Zero and Overlord. As for the plot, thanks to a simple premise, aka characters from different shows/universes get sucked into a modern day Japan like school setting, it shouldn’t be a problem for anyone.

However, when it comes to the humour, Isekai Quartet seems to be relying heavily on regurgitating the same quips and quirks each character is already known for. Every joke is just a rehash of something the characters are typically known or remembered for in their original shows without anything truly unique added to it. Great for nostalgia reasons and for anyone simply dying to see their favourite characters again, not so much for anyone hoping for fresh material. The episode takes little advantage of its  setting to come up with new jokes, instead choosing to highlight its characters behaving as they would back in their old worlds, making you feel like you’re just rewatching old footage except that now all your favourite characters have been “chibi-fied” in appearance.

Another tragic case of expectations vs reality.

Should you bother watching Isekai Quartet? Yes, if all you’re seeking is more screen time for your favourite characters, performing all your old favourite jokes and gags, otherwise I’d call it an easy pass. Maybe the show will stretch its creative muscles as it continues but what it showcased here feels like a weak attempt at wooing fans through sheer nostalgia.


Not Recommended: Isekai Quartet relies too heavily on established and repetitive gags, hoping to sell itself on sheer nostalgia to starved fans.



Isekai Quartet is available for streaming via Funimation.

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