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KADO: The Right Answer – Ep. 0-1 Preview

KADO: The Right Answer:

Original Air Dates: April 6th, 2017 – ???

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Synopsis: Kojiro Shindo is a Cabinet Office Director-General for Policy Planning. He’s one of the best negotiators Japan has. But while his plane is on the runway at Haneda Airport, a giant structure appears in the sky out of thin air. The plane carring Shindo and the other 251 passengers is taken inside the giant structure. As the government outside attempts to ascertain the origin of this alien object Shindo is called upon to act as our intermediary between mankind and a new alien race, the Anisotorons.

Episodes 0 and 1 Review (Warning: Some Spoilers to Follow):

Linny: KADO has a very interesting approach to its animation. For its Episode 0, it uses traditional animation mainly, only sprinkling in some CGI towards the end of the episode. Once we move on to episode 1, CGI becomes the main animation medium and KADO manages to make it look good MOST of the time, even blending traditional and CGI so well that in some cases, you may not immediately pick up that it’s CGI. However, anyone strongly opposed to CGI will most likely be irked by just how CGI heavy episode 1 is and what that might entail for the rest of the series.

Tom: KADO takes an interesting approach to its introduction, shunting all of its character work into episode 0, making episode 1 entirely about pushing the plot and the budding first contact situation to the forefront. It’s a creative approach, but one that could leave viewers wanting who’d prefer a healthier balance in either episode.

Linny: Yes, for those wondering, Episode 0 is COMPULSORY watching for anyone thinking about watching KADO. Like Tom has explained, episode 0 is a character study/character exploration for someone who’s clearly meant to play a huge role in the series but gets very little exposition in episode 1. While episode 0 is slow, it ultimately feels rewarding and helps us get a better understanding of KADO’s characters. On the other hand, episode 1 has ALL of the big ‘action,’ events and sets up the actual premise of the series. One could argue that the content explored in episode 0 could have easily been covered by some exposition in episode 1, however watching the events and characters actually play it all out in episode 0 really gives you a true insight into the personality and natures of KADO’s main character/s.

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Tom: Even as Episode 1 moves at a brisk pace compared to Episode 0, the series isn’t an action piece in anyway. It’s more akin to last year’s sci-fi film, Arrival. KADO offers a methodical take on our first contact with an alien species. It’s like Shin Godzilla in that we see a lot more bureaucracy than in films and anime past, offering what feels like a very realistic and well thought out take on the handling of the situation.

Linny: Koujiro Shindo feels like the star of the show thanks to the lengthy spotlight he receives in episode 0. Even in episode 1, where he makes much less of an appearance, his name is on everyone’s lips and the big reveal of the episode features him as well. He’s like-able enough as a lead, the cool, calm and collected type who harbours a heart of gold and once you get to know him, you become curious as to what role and achievements he will be accomplishing in the coming episodes.

Tom: Beyond Shindo, the only other character to stand out from the cast is our resident quirky scientist pictured below, Kanata Shinawa. Unlike everyone else she’s vibrant, excitable and feels more like a traditional anime character in a non-traditional anime. This might put some viewers off, but I think the show does a decent job of portraying the reactions of those around her, making it feel like she is a natural part of this world, just a strange one as even every other character can’t help but raise an eyebrow at her.

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Linny: Unless you are extremely averse to CGI, KADO is one of the few shows that seems to be pulling off CGI competently even when employing it to a high degree. Some of the scenes and shots may not be flawless but they rarely detract from the story. The premise itself is very intriguing and whats been shown of the characters and events so far really draws you in and makes you curious to find out what is going to happen next. If you’ve been looking for a sci-fi drama with a dash of politics, KADO is definitely the strongest candidate of its season so far.

Tom: KADO: The Right Answer is a real surprise for the season, offering a methodical take on extraterrestrial first contact as well as some excellent character work and introduction in its Episode 0. As we’ve said, Episode 0 is mandatory for anyone who really wants to dive into all that KADO offers, but if you’re really just on board for the plot, and could do without the characters, I guess it’s possible to jump into Episode 1, but I feel like that’d be depriving one’s self of everything KADO is trying to present. 

“Recommended: KADO: The Right Answer offers excellent character work and methodical scifi sure to please older audiences with a grounded take on Japan’s first contact with something other than Godzilla.”

“Recommended: KADO is an engaging mix of sci-fi and drama, using its initial episodes to immediately interest viewers and make them feel invested and curious.”












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