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Kakushigoto – Mid Season Review

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Synopsis: Single father Kakushi Goto has a secret. He’s a top-selling artist of popular erotic manga, but his impressionable young daughter, Hime, can never find out! Now he’s having to bend over backwards just to keep her inquisitive little mind from discovering what he does for a living. A father-daughter tale of love and laughter. (Official Funimation Synopsis)

We’ve all been there.

Mid Season (6 Episodes) Review (Warning: Minor Spoilers to Follow):

Tom: Kakushigoto continues to be a laugh a minute comedy, offering a healthy mix of varied, fun goofs every episode while Kakushi deals with keeping his profession a secret from his daughter. What’s impressive is that while Kakushigoto premiered with quite a roster; Kakushi Goto himself, Hime, his assistants, his editor, Hime’s school teacher, it’s found a way to use each and every one to their best, not letting any sit unused for too long. We never hammer away at one type of joke for too long, always switching it up thanks to such a large initial roster, and really just how multi-faceted each character’s comedy can be. For example it’s not always about Kakushi hiding his manga from Hime, but sometimes instead about his pride as a mangaka. Every character brings something, if not multiple things, to the show’s humor and thus keeps episode after episode feeling fresh.

Linny: Don’t let the lewd angle in Kakushigoto’s synopsis put you off. The story itself is very tame and Goto isn’t the author of some outright perverted content but rather a gag manga with improper jokes. The gag manga itself is never even showcased in the show besides showing us the lead character’s face and get-up. Kakushigoto itself is a very pure and wholesome story about a single father’s devotion to his daughter and even has strong notes of drama and tragedy intertwined. Each episode balances its comedic content with clear hints of tragedy and sadness. This helps to immediately establish Kakushigoto as a comedy with depth and emotion. Every episode will have you cracking up only to end ever so often on a sobering or even tear inducing note.

That one friend that keeps putting their foot int heir mouth.

Tom: Kakushigoto truly isn’t content just to tickle your funny bone. As Linny said there’s real heart in every episode. It’s not just the teases at end, pointing to a melancholy ending for Kakushi and his daughter, but also the way in which episodes wrap with Kakushi learning how to be a better father. Frequently Kakushi comes to understand he’s misunderstood Hime, or discovers just how lucky he is to have a girl as sweet as her as his child. It’s these elements that take Kakushi from being a fun comedy and into something a little sweeter and more heartfelt.

Linny: While the cast can be especially stupid or innocent for the sake of comedy, they’re rarely if ever outright offensive. Hime and Kakushi are both so lovable in their own ways. Kakushi in his sincere if sometimes maniacal efforts to do what he thinks is right for his daughter is someone you will want to root for. And while Hime is ridiculously innocent, kind and pure in the way only fictional children can be, it still makes her endearing and equally lovable. Boosted by a supporting cast with all sorts of quirky mannerisms and you’ve got a show that has almost every character contributing to a gag on a regular basis and keeping the comedy ball rolling. If I had to critique the show about anything, it would be that it does contain a non-binary character who ends up mainly getting used for a gag and that could be a sore spot for those tired of the unflattering stereotypes forced upon non binary characters in anime and manga.

I would just like to speak to the delivery person who thought this method of stacking is okay.

Tom: In all honesty, amongst all the titles we’ve chosen to cover this Spring season, Kakushigoto is the one I now look forward to the most. It’s perfect balance of comedy, heart, and wide cast of fun characters makes it an absolutely charming and rib-tickling experience. You’re not going to find a better comedy this season and I can’t recommend it any harder than I am now.

Linny: What I love about Kakushigoto is that it’s comedy isn’t one dimensional and that its story is so multifaceted. It isn’t just about Kakushi’s well intended yet neurotic attempts to ‘protect’ his daughter. It’s also about the various challenges he faces in his career and also the tragedy of being a single father and the yet to be shown but definitely acknowledged pain of Hime growing up without her mother. And even the insecurities Kakushi himself faces due to his less than respected career by some. If you love stories with heart and plenty of laughs, Kakushigoto is definitely a show you have to check out.

Recommended: Kakushigoto is funny and heartfelt, with a dozen lovable characters that make every episode an absolute joy. It’s undoubtedly Spring 2020’s top comedy.

Recommended: Kakushigoto balances its comedy with its emotional side perfectly, making for a show that’s deep and well rounded.
















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