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Kandagawa Jet Girls – Anime Preview

Synopsis: Jet Racing’s wet-n-wild combo of PWC racing and watergun sharpshooting has become mega-popular across the world. Rin Namiki wants in on the action, and after meeting the cool and gorgeous Misa Aoi, it looks like Rin’s dreams are finally in reach! (Official HIDIVE Synopsis)

Boy! This sure got dark.

1st Episode Review (Warning: Minor Spoilers to Follow):

Linny: Kandagawa Tits Girls ..I mean Jet Girls is here to be yet another serving of fan service for the ever eager, ecchi loving masses. From the opening scenes where the camera directly pans to the breasts of the champion to the opening credits that offers nonstop close up shots of tits and ass. Not to mention blatantly revealing title cards and an episode that offers just as much jiggling body parts and raunchy close ups as they could manage to cram in. I’m almost shocked they didn’t choose to just film the entire thing only focused on those body parts. Oh and before I forget, the end of the episode seems to hint that the Jet Ski/Gun Battle sport involves shooting off pieces of each other’s garments. So yes, Kandagawa Jet Girls is thoroughly and unabashedly meant for a very certain kind of anime fan.

How I imagine some of y’all will be reacting to this show.

Tom: Kandagawa Jet Girls doesn’t bother to put in any actual effort unless it involves bouncing breasts. The general visual quality varies wildly throughout Jet Girl’s first episode, often sitting on the lower end of the spectrum. Baffling directorial decisions make some sequences confusing, or pull you right out of the narrative when we, strangely, focus on our heroes feet as she verbally pushes back against a couple of bullies. It’s not until we cut to a close up of our lead’s breasts, crotch or ass, or really any other girls, that the production sky rockets in quality. By putting fan service so far ahead of everything else though that means that there’s nothing else to appreciate, either through the visuals or the narrative itself. It’s frustrating seeing as the concept of girls riding around on jet skis, shooting (I guess laser?) guns at each other sounds like a fun, if ridiculous premise. But Jet Girls is so laser focused on appealing to its primary viewership, the pervs, that everything else you could possibly appreciate is left wildly underdeveloped.

Linny: It’s clear how low effort everything else about Kandagawa Jet Girls is when we take a hard look at its protagonists. Our two ‘main’ girls, the opening credits makes it obvious we’ll have a wide cast before too long, both squarely fall into tired and predictable tropes. First, we get the extremely ditsy and outgoing protagonist, Rin who gets easily distracted and even goes so far as to take a good few seconds to realize she just had her bag snatched by a thief. She has no sense of personal boundaries but a strong sense of justice. Rin also just happens to run into her future teammate, Misa before their first official introduction and in true cliche, her teammate happens to have the almost exact opposite personality. Misa is the introverted loner with a chip on her shoulder, yet another cliche cookie cutter archetype, thus solidifying how little effort and originality was put into Kandagawa Jet Girls.

How to come off as a creepy psychopath.

Tom: Kandagawa Jet Girls has nothing to offer besides titillation. Its leads are dull and uninspired, its plot is bare bones, and its visuals lacking, save for every sequence dedicated to pleasing the eyes of ecchi fans everywhere. The series is part of a Mixed-Media Project, meant to promote a PlayStation 4 Video Game currently in development. In all honesty though the anime hardly gets me excited for the series’ concept, pushing the Jet Ski/Gun Battle racing into the final few minutes of an episode otherwise dedicated exclusively to the power of absurdly gigantic breasts. Maybe that’s the point of the game, it is being developed by one of the crews behind the, fan service heavy, Senran Kagura franchise after all. But as an anime to enjoy week to week? What’s truly frustrating is it need not be this way. Kandagawa has a lot in common with Keijo!, both making up a fictitious sport that offers plenty of fan service. But Keijo! managed to find a balance between that fan service heavy focus on providing exciting ‘combat’ and enjoyable characters. But with Kandagawa, unless you’re a huge ecchi fan, dying for a series laser focused on bouncing bosoms, it  really and truly has nothing else of value to offer.

Linny: Mixed Media Projects are generally known for being cliche and low effort and Kandagawa Jet Girls falls into the lower tier of that, cementing it as something only for the pervs to enjoy thanks to its abundant fan service. As Tom mentioned, the animation quality dips often even though this is only the first episode and in some scenes even the jiggle physics suffer because of the dip in quality… that’s how low quality this show can get. But yes, if all you want is plenty of fan service and close up shots of curvy bodies, then go right ahead and put this on the top of your watch list, otherwise it has no other justification to be there.

Not Recommended: Kandagawa Jet Girls is pure fan service, skimping on every other element, characters, story and visuals, in favor of pleasing ecchi fans with relentless jiggle.

Not Recommended: Kandagawa Jet Girls has absolutely nothing of value besides its fan service, making it palatable only to a certain crowd.


















Kandagawa Jet Girls is available for streaming via HIDIVE.

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