Kenka Bancho Otome -Girl Beats Boys- – Preview

Kenka Bancho Otome -Girl Beats Boys-:

Original Air Dates: April 12th, 2017 – ???

Little did our protagonist realize their life long oversized rival was looming right behind.

Synopsis: Orphaned heroine Hinako Nakayama suddenly reunites with her twin brother Hikaru, who asks her to take his place at Shishiku Academy, a private boys school infamous for its rough-and-tumble student body. Hikaru being the child of a powerful Yakuza family, the Onigashima, is obligated to become the leader of Shishiku Academy. Hinako will have to hide her identity and fight to control the school. How will Hinako deal with a school full of handsome boys who let their fists do the talking rather than discussing their feelings? (Official Crunchyroll Synopsis.)

1st Episode Review (Warning: Some Spoilers to Follow):

Linny: Girl Beats Boys is insane. It knows it has a ludicrous premise and just runs with it, making its first episode one of the most over the top things I have watched this season. A school of delinquents has often been cited or used as the direct premise for other anime but they’ll find themselves bowing down to Shishiku Academy, a school that’s covered in graffiti from head to toe and whose entrance ceremony is literally a free for all brawl.

Tom: Girl Beats Boys’ absolutely absurd premise sits far outside the usual Otome Game adaptation fare. With a girl entering a fighting school where the students hammer each other with fists until the day is won you wouldn’t think romance could prosper and yet– that’s the idea. It’s stupid, absolutely stupid, but at the same time contains this appealing, insane, over the top charm that makes the entire ten minutes of this premiere increasingly engaging.

This school must be boosting the profits of the spray paint industry.

Linny: What makes this first episode so enjoyable is how it builds its story up and throws in all the random reveals. There’s still a lot of questions up in the air (assuming you dive in without reading the synopsis), like why exactly Hinako agreed to enter this school, or why she was asked in the first place, but thanks to all the insanity happening on the screen, it’s easy to laugh at the jokes and assume the answers will pop up along the way. It peppers in its revelations at a steady pace and in an amusing manner. As a female viewer, I’ll admit it felt great watching an average looking girl take down a dude with ease. None of that bs in other shows that portray legions of adoring fans and praises for a supposedly kick ass female only for her to lose to our male protagonist, no sir.

Tom: Personalities are turned up to eleven here, save for the main girl, Hinako, who is surprisingly subdued and cool-headed in the face of a bunch of violent men. It makes it all the more satisfying when with just three well placed punches she brings down one of, presumably, her potential suitors. In a weird way Hinako will perhaps satisfy those with female empowerment fantasies or seeking to see girls who are equally bad ass, or more so, than the men around them.

Linny: Hinako’s personality is very subdued and that works really well with all the insanity around her, offering a solid contrast without making her seem like an apathetic lead. Girl Beats Boys hints at viewers getting a rare competent female protagonist and that alone should hook in audiences who are always on the hunt for one. When it comes to her potential love interests, we are given brief introductions to two: Takayuki and Totomaru. Takayuki gets barely a minute of screen time while Totomaru strikes up a friendship of sorts with her initially, coming across as a delinquent who operates with some moral code of his own.

Clearly trying to off each other.

Tom: Girl Beats Boys wasn’t on my radar. I hadn’t thought anything about this show, but now, having seen the premiere, It’s honestly one of my top anticipated series for next week. While the series is likely to focus a little more on romance in its next installment, I’m completely comfortable with that as long as we don’t drop the absurd fighting atmosphere that’s so appealing.

Linny: Girl Beats Boys has got to be one of the most amusing otome based shows I have ever heard of or watched. Its humour is crazy and its premise even more insane. Even if you’ve never been into otome games, if you’re a fan of silly comedies or are seeking a strong female lead, you need to check this out. It might just pleasantly surprise you.

“Recommended: Girl Beats Boy features a capable female lead and a completely absurd delinquent school that’s bound to have most viewers in stitches.”

“Recommended: Girl Beats Boys feels like a perfect short-form anime for those who want a little Shoujo romance but with a dose of violence and testosterone too.”












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