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Kiana Plays Honkai Manga Review

Kiana Plays Honkai:

Chapters 1 and 2

Girl Got Gains.

Synopsis: Fu Hua tries to teach Kiana, who just began playing the game based on her, the basics of HI3 as a veteran. However, she will soon discover the insurmountable gap of fortune that lies between her and Kiana… (Official Crunchyroll Synopsis).

Review (Warning: Spoilers to Follow)

Kiana Plays Honkai feels a little surreal as we watch the character of a game play the very game she is the protagonist of. It’s a comedic series with several gags on each page giving it a high manic energy kind of humour. Some of the jokes revolve around Kiana’s insane luck at pulls which will likely have real game players grinding their teeth at the injustice, just like Fu Hua in the actual comic. Others are all about watching Kiana’s descent into obsession with the game and may provide some relatable moments for any mobile gamer who has had to deal with gacha mechanics and has been blessed or cursed by the RNG gods. It’s a surprisingly easy gag manga to read, one that should amuse anyone who has played similar games before thanks to a lot of its jokes being focused more on general mobile game mechanics and hijinks rather than specifically around the Honkai Impact 3rd mobile game.

Which of these two describes your gacha luck accurately?

So if you have a few minutes to spare, are an avid mobile gamer who has been sucked into the glorious nightmare of gacha mechanics and want a quick chuckle, Kiana Plays Honkai might be a lovely little bite to dive into. With its short length (14 pages TOTAL) and broader appeal, you are likely to find a joke or two to relate to. You don’t need any prior knowledge or familiarity with the Honkai Impact 3rd mobile game but I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the comic that earns it some new players.



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