KILLING BITES – Anime Preview

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Synopsis: Yuya Nomoto, an ordinary college student, met a mysterious high-school student called Hitomi. At a deserted landfill, he saw her transform into a beast and fight a Leo monster. They’re Brutes who have brains of humans and fangs of beasts. Hitomi is a Ratel, a Brute with the strongest killer instinct. Nomoto gets involved in their battles called Killing Bites. (Official Amazon Synopsis)

Awww, dude, it’s not THAT bad of a show.

1st Episode Review (Warning: Minor Spoilers to Follow):

Linny: Killing Bites is made by the same studio that made Terra Formars and fans of the latter show will soon pick up on the similarities, i.e how Killing Bites is also a show about humans merged with animals to bestow them with superhuman powers and abilities. There’s also a lot of action and fighting involved, with the very first episode containing an extended one on one physical battle.

Tom: Liden Films clearly has a taste for this kind of story, adapting both Terra Formars and now Killing Bites. I’m not going to complain however as they do their job well. Killing Bites seems to feature the same excellent, over the top, animation and brutal art style. Thankfully none of Killing Bites’ brutality or nudity has been censored like during Terra Formars first airing, giving us a perfectly absurd and violent experience without any censorship drawbacks.

Linny: If the art and series summary hasn’t already made it obvious, Killing Bites is schlock to a T, perfect for those that love their violent anime as over the top as possible with equally ridiculous, cheesy characters and abilities.

Are you trying to kill the poor fellow?

Tom: Killing Bites isn’t traditionally good, and the series knows it. You’re not here for excellent characterization. Our two leads, Yuya Nomoto an average college guy caught up in this twisted battle royal underground, and Hitomi, the brutally sexy half-best half-girl are nothing special. Yuya is a fairly bland lead, happy to have a sexy girl living with him and frequent to stumble into an accidental boob grab here or there (at least twice in one episode alone!) Hitomi herself is the classic violent, sexy bad ass whose character arc is seen coming a mile away. No, Killing Bites knows you’re here for the ‘story’ or more accurately, to see some brief flashes of nudity inserted around the brutal one on one fights between half-animal fighters with plenty of gushing blood and flying appendages. It’s the perfect ‘trash’ anime, much as Terra Formars was back in 2014.

Linny: Not surprisingly, at least not to those familiar with these schlock filled violent anime, Killing Bites is rather exploitative with its female characters. Every single female featured so far has a classically attractive and toned body. The first episode also starts off with an attempted group sexual assault. Furthermore, the episode also later features a female character that literally walks up to our lead and exposes her completely bare upper body to him as a distraction tactic and finally, the end credits are basically all the female characters of the show in outfits and poses that scream fan service. So if you like your violence and schlock with minimum fan service, stay away.

How NOT to clean your screens.

Tom: Killing Bites has no shame. It’s violent schlock mixed with fan servicey nudity making for a perfect mess of blood, gore, and sex. Unlike Netflix’s Devilman Crybaby, which uses sex as a thematic element to depict its darker subject matter, Killing Bites is all about the titillation and thirst for brutality. It won’t be winning any awards from me for Anime of the Year or Season but, assuming the action keeps looking superb, damned if I don’t end up watching every episode.

Linny: Did you like Terra Formars’ first season? Do you generally enjoy cheesy violent anime, ones that are filled with cliche characters that have ridiculous abilities and engage in really violent, bloody fights? Then Killing Bites is probably already on your watch list. If not, well it deserves at least a look in.

“Recommended: Love violence? Fanservice? Bad ass sexy women and blood gushing everywhere? Killing Bites is the perfect, brutal schlock that the Winter season was lacking.”

“Recommended: Fans of schlock filled anime violence rejoice, Killing Bites offers cheesy characters and ludicrous fights to entertain.”













Killing Bites is available for streaming via Amazon Video.

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