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Synopsis:  A genius programmer and hardcore robot otaku is reborn into a world of knights and magic, where huge robots called Silhouette Knights roar across the land! Now reborn as Ernesti Echevalier, he uses his vast knowledge of machines and programming talents to begin to make his ultimate robot. But his actions have unexpected results…?! The dreams of a robot otaku will change the world! (Official Crunchyroll Synopsis)

There’s always that one over enthusiastic nerd.

1st Episode Review (Warning: Minor Spoilers to Follow):

Tom: Knight’s & Magic, baring it’s bizarre grammatical typo in the title, is straight mediocre. A large part of that is the show’s insane desire to cram as much of its plot into the first episode as possible. Not only in this a ‘transported to a fantasy world show’ with a condensed version of the typical set up, but we move on past that by years and years of time. We follow our character from five year old boy to twelve year old in the span of twenty-three minutes, making for such a rushed blast through the material we barely have time to get to know any of the characters. You’ll get the gist of Ernie, his two friends, and a few other individuals crammed in at the final five minute mark, but I’d be hard pressed to actually describe anyone to a significant degree.

Linny: The rushed pace definitely hampers the chances of audiences finding a character to really latch on to and for the most part, most characters are relegated to a popular or familiar stereotype. Ernesti is the star struck genius who wants to be a Silhouette Knight, while his two best friends are his faithful companions partly because he saves one of them and becomes a sort of hero/teacher figure. The show even throws in some vague mention and explanation about how his friends have a less than perfect family life, in order to add more drama for later on presumably but it’s done in such poor style that it’s hard to truly buy their small tragedy.

Tom: Ernie is the easiest to get a feel for, although that’s only because he’s present for all twenty-three minutes. But while we get his backstory of an otaku, mech-obsessed programmer that’s killed in a rather idiotic car accident, that aspect to the story barely plays into the rest of the episode and only act as the most basic of justifications for why he’s a genius in this world of Mechs and magic.

Linny: To its credit, Knight’s & Magic does a decent job of presenting our hero’s previous otaku life in the short segment at the start of the premiere. First off, while his otaku habits are discussed and highlighted by his coworkers in his absence, they also readily agree that it’s just part of who he is, rather than obsessing on it and using it as an insult. Also, though their conversation does praise him, he himself acts pretty down to earth rather than an arrogant genius which makes real world him likeable. However, once we switch to the new world, the main appeal of the show becomes its interesting aesthetic that mixes knights and mech suits rather than any of its characters or the story it’s trying to tell.

Tom: A large reason for why Knight’s & Magic feels so rushed and frantic, is because it is. This series is based off a Light Novel, and according to what I’ve found online, this first episode adapts what amounts to at least 9 chapters of the Light Novel’s Manga Adaptation, which is apparently a significant chunk of the first light novel, if not actually dipping into the second. This need to get us to the ‘interesting part’ of the story is detrimental though, as while things may have become action packed in the final moments of this premiere, I am wholly unengaged and unattached to anything in this world.

Concern intensifies.

Linny: If you’re not particularly interested in mech shows, Knight’s & Magic isn’t going to change your mind about them despite it’s somewhat novel approach to the mechs in its universe. It’s not that Knight’s & Magic is bad by any means but it hasn’t done much to sell itself as a must watch. The story is rushed and the characters lack the development and exploration to hook you. So far, it may be the better premiere of its season but it still isn’t something I would consider as a promising show just yet.

Tom: Knight’s & Magic has one of the better premieres so far this season, but that isn’t saying much. By normal standards it’s mediocre at best. You’ll struggle to feel attached to anyone, and that’s a big problem when asking viewers to jump on board. The show has its work cut out for it, because right now it’s a steep uphill climb.

“Take it or Leave it: Knight’s & Magic presents an interesting world of magic and robots, but speeds through so much it’s near impossible to feel connected to any of it.”

“Take it or Leave it: A rushed premiere is likely to leave most viewers feeling disconnected despite Knight’s & Magic’s novel mix of mech and magic.”













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