Knights of Sidonia Season 2 – Anime Review

Synopsis: A hero rises to save a world that’s also a spaceship under siege by an alien threat in this original anime series based on the popular manga comic. (Official Netflix Synopsis)

You’ll be long as you’re the protagonist.

Review (Warning: Minor Spoilers to Follow):

Tom: Knights of Sidonia second season carries on right from where the first season left off, continuing the epic story as things begin to ramp up for Nagate and the rest of Sidonia in their battle against the Gauna. Like season 1, season 2 revises the events of the original manga in order to deliver a better flow and pace to the story. The original manga became bogged down with harem elements and some of the more interesting sci-fi concepts began to take a backseat. But season 2 rectifies these missteps delivering a perfect continuation to season 1’s near perfect run. (There’s still some harem though.)

Linny: Knights of Sidonia really is a prime example of a show out doing its source material. The show runners have done a brilliant job of editing and narrating the story well while avoiding the less appealing parts of the manga. Yes, the show has some major changes but it manages to remain engaging and action packed. The story and essence of Sidonia is intact, enjoyable and even improved upon thanks to the changes. Unfortunately, there is also no denying that hardcore purists will most definitely be upset by the anime as it does change a lot of the events of the source manga and introduces a fair amount of original content and timeline rearrangements.

And this is why we were safety googles, kids.

Tom: One of the big improvements is an additional sequence of events that acts as a perfect midpoint for the twelve episode season. In the anime a laser cannon is built using Gauna tissue. Needless to say things don’t quite go as planned. These events don’t occur in the manga at all, although this Gauna Cannon plot line may also be a replacement for a later event revolving around the creation of a second chimera, but its difficult to be sure exactly where things will be going from here. The anime is a mishmash of the Manga’s events, reordering things so much that it becomes difficult to predict what’s been cut entirely and what simply hasn’t made its way to screen yet. But no matter what, Nagate and co. are just as entertaining and enjoyable as season 1. Including the addition of Tsumugi, this season’s new character and love interest. Yes, you heard that right, a giant chimera with tentacles is potential for love.

Linny: This season packs in just as much punch as it’s predecessor thanks to interesting new developments, such as seeing Izana going through a gender selection growth/process, or new villains starting their underhanded power grab. These intriguing plot points are supported by some of the best visuals that Sidonia has ever had. (One of the later episodes had such a beautiful scene that it immediately became my Twitter profile picture for a while.) And Sidonia just keeps adding to the goodness by having some of the best action scenes the series has boasted of so far, perfect for fans of space battles.

Girl and tentacles? Oh we all know where this is heading.

Tom: The CGI also seems to have undergone some minor improvements since the 1st season, with character movements and environments becoming more fluid or perhaps even slightly more detailed. Either way it still looks great for a show relying so heavily on CGI. Unfortunately there are a few superficial downsides to this second season. Namely the opening song has been changed to something not nearly as catchy as the original. There’s also still hints of that over emphasis on the love triangle and harem aspects that detracts from the otherwise dark and intriguing world of Sidonia.

Linny: The show has a handful of minor flaws like Tom pointed out, and for me the main one would be how a lot of the plot points and reveals remain unresolved or under developed. It’s always a frustrating experience to be given a bunch of interesting information, only for that information to never be brought up again or developed into anything conclusive. Of course, this makes the need for a third season more urgent than ever. (At least we have confirmation it’s coming.) Which is both a curse and a blessing. On one hand, every good show has fans demanding more seasons but a show that only delivers more questions than answers with every season runs the risk of over staying its welcome and ending up with answers that never live up to the mystery and drama that led to them.

She must take after her mother with those looks.

Tom: The manga itself has wrapped up and sadly doesn’t provide much in the way of answers, ending not with a bang but a whimper that caves to the series growing obsession with giving Nagate a harem. Fingers crossed that this long awaited 3rd season does what the first two have done, and provides new material that greatly improves on the manga’s ho-hum, harem obsessed, non-answers, ending. No matter what though, Sidonia remains one of the best Mech shows in recent years, with a truly gripping plot, characters, and some incredibly awesome action sequences. And hell, if Linny the Mech hater likes it, its gotta be freaking awesome right?

Linny: Indeed, Sidonia continues to receive the stamp of approval even from this Mech hater. Despite my usual tendency to quickly tire or dread almost all other Mech shows, Sidonia managed to weave a story that was greater and more intriguing, ascending to something that went beyond just another mech series showing off its mech for sales purposes. Sure, it has its weak points but the flaws were at most minor annoyances that can be easily brushed aside by most and completely overshadowed by the visuals, characters, action, and story. Yes, the visuals are still going to drive away CGI detractors, there’s no getting beyond that, but still this season only continues to build and improve on what its predecessor set up.

Recommended: Knights of Sidonia Season 2 is a perfect follow up to the 1st season, continuing to improve upon the manga’s story by reworking material and adding new content to keep Sidonia as tight and engaging an experience as ever.

Recommended: Knights of Sidonia Season 2 continues the intriguing tale, introducing better visuals and new mysteries that will have you wanting more.















Knights of Sidonia Season 2 is available for streaming via Netflix

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