KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! 2 – Review

KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! 2:

Original Air Dates: January 11th, 2017 – March 15th, 2017

Konosuba Dance Party!!!!

Synopsis: Kazuma Sato’s adventurer life has taken a nasty turn as he’s been accused of working for the Demon King’s army after causing a royal’s mansion to be destroyed. Despite his claims that it was all in an effort to save the city, he finds himself on trial for execution for crimes against the kingdom. Can Megumin, Darkness, and Aqua save him? Unlikely.

Review (Warning: Some Spoilers to Follow):

Tom: Starting on the surface let’s discuss Konosuba’s most divisive aspect: It’s animation. Season 2 utilizes an off-model, more lax animation style comparable to Season 1’s ninth episode. Surprisingly, I actually believe that this less exact animation adds to the experience by allowing for deformation and exaggeration with character’s expressions during high comedic moments. This visual element helps to elevate already hilarious jokes even farther, doing more for the comedy than Season 1’s more uniform approach ever could.

New England winters has most of us like this.

Linny: Unless your enjoyment of a story and comedy highly depends on the quality and style of the animation, this art style might take a few episodes to get used to but should ultimately not be a complete detriment. The new loose animation style definitely allows for some extremely exaggerated reactions and expressions that help to further sell Konosuba’s comedy and punchlines.

Tom: Digging deeper, Darkness and Kazuma fans will be happy with the heavier focus on these two characters, with far away the majority of the season focusing on these two individuals. But for the portion of the audience that prefers Aqua, or even Megumin, there’s a lot less content focusing on either. But even Aqua gets a solid storyline or two, and plays a particularly large role in the season’s final three part story. By comparison, Megumin exists within season 2 in an extremely diminished capacity.

Linny: Megumin fans will definitely be disappointed by how little she gets to participate in a lot of the season. Even though they introduce a new rival character named Yunyun solely for her, Megumin doesn’t really get any focus herself. On the other hand, Darkness steals the show early on as we get an extremely hilarious story line revolving around an attempt to get her married off to a respectable nobleman’s son that will leave most fans in stitches. And like Tom already mentioned, Darkness and Kazuma often seem to be in the spotlight this season regardless of what the central story line is.

Definitely not a special ability you’d see in a game any time soon.

Tom: Characters seem to grow a bit more over this 2nd outing, with plenty of oddly heartwarming moments peppered throughout the ten episode run. These are of course still tinged with the series ever perfect comedy, but allow us to feel like our cast is growing closer together, even if they are still our favorite screw ups. Like season 1, a few minor recurring characters are dropped in from time to time, but the show far and away keeps the focus on our main cast, especially as we move away from the starter town and out on a proper adventure. In some ways however, this over focus on the mains can be a bit disappointing, as certain characters, like the ever pitiable Yunyun or the ever strange Devil King General Vanir, are screaming for more screen time.

Linny: Yunyun definitely leaves quite an impact despite barely getting more than a few seconds of screen time every episode. Her character is both amusing and heartbreaking as we see the truth behind her personality and behaviour in the form of some very sad post credits letter monologues.

Kazuma the Unabashed Creeper.

Tom: But if there’s one element far and away unquestionably improved from the first season, it’s the comedy. Season 2 ramps up the hilarity, especially towards the back half of the season, easily becoming the more memorable of the series’ two seasons. It helps that the series, as mentioned above, branches out from the starter town, allowing us to explore more of this wacky and crazy world Kazuma finds himself in, proving that the setting of Konosuba can be just as hilarious and interesting as its mishappen leads.

Linny: This season has the insanity and comedy turned up higher than ever with a finale story that wonderfully showcases everything that makes Konosuba beloved by its fans. Having our characters explore and the viewers experience really interesting, new locations and characters helps keep the show and humour feeling fresh. The show’s portrayal of what a town filled with Aqua worshipers would be like is so accurate and so hilarious that it seems destined to have both lovers and haters of Aqua roaring with laughter.

And you’re freaking out all the Konosuba fans too!!

Tom: While the first half of the season is fairly self-contained, although there is a minor plot thread connecting them, the series branches into a longer, multi-episode narrative for the last four episodes. It’s here the series shines the most with some of Konosuba’s best comedy writing yet. It’s currently unclear whether Konosuba will return for a third outing, although it’s not as if the Light Novel is lacking in adaptable content. But if we do manage to get a third installment I just hope we have more multi-episode plot lines, as Konosuba’s proven that exploring its world is just as funny as exploring its characters. Ultimately Konosuba season 2 is easily in the running for anime of the year, already setting the bar quite high for other anime comedies yet to air in 2017.

Linny: What Season 2 might lack visually, it more than makes up with wacky shenanigans. As a show continues, the chances of its humour failing to land or impress can magnify, but for now, Konosuba only seems to get better. This season has plenty to offer fans of Darkness, Kazuma, Aqua and even has an adorable cat to boot. The worst that I can say for this season is that it is likely to disappoint Megumin fans who might take issue with how less often she is featured and that viewers who demand high animation quality might take offense with the drastic change in style. All in all, this season should only serve to make the majority of fans love Konosuba even more.

“Recommended: Konosuba’s 2nd season improves upon the first, offering up an ever increasing array of gags and humor that only get better as the season progresses.”

“Recommended: Season 2 showcases some extremely hilarious new stories that are sure to please fans of Kazuma, Darkness and Aqua but the drastic art style change might take some getting used to.”












KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! 2 is available for streaming via Crunchyroll.com

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