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Laughing Salesman New:

Original Air Dates: April 3rd, 2017 – ???

And then he died from sheer happiness..jk

Synopsis: Fukuzou Moguro is a traveling salesman. But he doesn’t sell the usual goods, rather he specializes in things close to a customer’s heart’s desire. But once his deals are made, and their unhealthy wants satisfied, Moguro’s customers find themselves left with terrible repercussions, especially if they break the rules of his deals.

1st Episode Review (Warning: Some Spoilers to Follow):

Tom: Don’t be fooled by the heavy CGI, abstract opening, the main body of Laughing Salesman New is traditional 2D animation with a clear 60s/70s retro style that hearkens back to the original series and manga this new entry in the franchise is based off of. 

Linny: The episode itself has a peculiar older animation that might remind you of shows like Doraemon, Crayon Shinchan and even Osomatsu in regards to how its characters are depicted. The first episode of Laughing Salesman featured two bite sized stories about how people’s greed or desires can go wrong. If you were hoping for something along the lines of Pet Shop of Horrors based on the summary blurb, you are going to be very disappointed. Laughing Salesman New plays out a lot more comedic than dark or creepy with the punishments and repercussions being extremely tame and even family friendly to some degree. There are no gruesome or gory ends here.. though some might argue that the second tale does have a bit of a tragic/scary conclusion, but only a tiny bit.

Talking to you shoes is a sign of mental issues..or shopping addiction..or both.

Tom: Indeed while the premise and set up are generally sound, much of the pay off is lacking. For example In the first segment we’re introduced to two lazy men who want to drink during the day, but no bars are open until after work. The two make a deal with the laughing man and have their dreams come true, only for it take a dark turn and bite them in the ass. Unfortunately this is where Laughing Salesman fails to deliver, handing out punishments that are either lame, or in the case of the second tale, bending the rules set out by the Salesman in order to force a darker ending than the show’s own logic would’ve implied.

Linny: The punishments really are the show’s undoing as they feel either silly, inconsequential or lack logic in the sense that they don’t seem to suit the crime. The show is best viewed as a comedy, rather than a drama, as if you start hoping for a serious punishment, the conclusion will likely leave you flabbergasted and disappointed.

Tom: As characters go there isn’t much to latch onto here. No one in any of the tales is portrayed as likeable, so much of the enjoyment comes from watching these despicable people, incapable of learning lessons, get what’s coming to them. But of course, when what’s coming to them feels lame, or unjust/unwarranted, the show itself feels uneven and unrewarding.

That girn looks more painful than flirty.

Linny: When it comes to characters, the laughing salesman himself is the only constant, at least for now, and I wouldn’t be too surprised if he remains a mystery forever, meant to only appear to be the catalyst for the stories rather than giving it some extra flavour through his own personality.

Tom: As a series based upon a much older franchise from the 60s/70s it feels like not enough work has been done to bring this series into line with modern expectations. That said, it’s a perfect little anime for anyone seeking something a bit more dated and old fashioned, capturing the charm of what amounted for ‘dark’ in decades past.

Linny: As someone who enjoyed darker versions of this set up, I was thoroughly disappointed by how PG friendly Laughing Salesman New turned out to be. If you like the sound of a light hearted take on desires gone wrong, or are just in the mood to explore an older, comedic life lesson like show, you could give this a try but anyone wanting a serious or dark tale about repercussions would do best to avoid it.

“Take it or Leave it: Laughing Salesman New feels too dated for more modern audiences to enjoy, but those seeking something a bit more retro should find plenty to love in this 60s/70s style seinen dark comedy.”

“Take it or Leave it: Laughing Salesman New is a goofy take on people being taught life lessons through PG friendly punishments that might not engage everyone.”











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