Lights of the Clione – Anime Preview

Synopsis: Minori has always been the subject of the bullies’ torture. One rainy day, Takashi and Kyoko call out to her, wanting to see her smile, but Minori’s health deteriorates soon after, and she stops coming to school without ever smiling. Two months later, Takashi and Kyoto receive an anonymous text message telling them of a summer festival the next town over… (Official Anime Strike Synopsis)

When your information source is this diluted, it’s usually a lie.

1st Episode Review (Warning: Minor Spoilers to Follow):

Linny: Right from the start, the washed out colour palette of Lights of the Clione warn you of how bland the episode is going to be. While bullying is a very big issue that deserves media attention, Clione executes it in the most mundane manner, making its first episode come off more boring than touching.

Tom: Clione’s biggest issue is its writing. The show has this potentially dramatic and heart rending tale of a girl who is bullied for her family’s lack of status and wealth. Yet, the dialogue just isn’t up to snuff. The way characters interact, and in particular, bully Minori just doesn’t feel honest.

Well, there goes her teenage years down the drain.

Linny: It’s extremely difficult to immerse oneself in writing that comes off so lackluster. The way the bullies deliver their lines, and the dialogue itself sounds extremely fake and has zero conviction behind it. The bullying in the episode feels weak and poorly written which in turn makes it a challenge to feel any genuine interest or emotion for the plight of the bullied girl.

Tom: The problem is this 9 minute short hinges on the bullying to really showcase how awful Minori has it and the two kids who don’t have the strength of character to stand up for her. But it needs to nail that writing, that portrayal of Minori’s suffering and it just can’t. Likely everyone has experienced some level of bullying, or been a witness to such. But what’s presented here hardly feels real, and if we don’t believe that this story could be true, it makes it impossible to get sucked in.

Someone’s clearly not paying attention.

Linny: Lights of the Clione tackles a very sensitive topic but fails to employ the right dialogue, characters and voice acting to make itself come off as anything else but a flawed and uninteresting story. Once you include the unimpressive animation and art, it becomes all the more certain that Lights of the Clione seems likely to be one of the weakest offerings of its season.

Tom: Lights of the Clione is lacking a level of honesty in its writing to make its events feel true. With something seemingly grounded in reality, it needs to sell itself on that and Clione just doesn’t. What could be heartfelt feels forced and uninteresting.

“Not Recommended: Lights of the Clione is a drab short-form anime with writing that just isn’t up to snuff to tell the painful story it wants to share.”

“Not Recommended: Lights of the Clione lacks the animation quality and writing chops to pull off a moving story about bullying.”













Lights of the Clione is available for streaming via Amazon’s Anime Strike Channel

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