Lofty Flower, Fall for Me!! Chapters 1-3 Manga Review

Lofty Flower, Fall for Me!!:

Chapters 1-3

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Synopsis: Kouta Shiraishi is your standard popular high school boy who has it all; good looks, brains and popularity. Kurokawa is his somewhat boyish classmate, her beauty acknowledged by all but her more forward and suave mannerism often causing her to unintentionally make others swoon or blush. When Kurokawa approaches Kouta for help turning into a more easy going person, he decides to use it as the perfect opportunity to make Kurokawa fall for him and thus further establish his ‘irresistible’ status.

Review (Warning: Spoilers to Follow):

Let’s keep this review short and sweet like Lofty Flower, Fall for Me’s 4-koma format. Lofty Flower, Fall for Me!! only has 3 chapters out at the time of this review and these chapters are extremely focused on its main plot/formula, Kouta tries to do something stereo-typically cool or charming to make Kurokawa swoon, she does a more cool, usually associated with male character stereotype move in response, Kouta gets flustered…and repeat. One of the staples of 4koma comedy is finding a core formula and sticking to it but in the case of Lofty Flower, it does it so faithfully and obsessively that 3 chapters in and you are already going to feel like the series has boxed itself in a little too much. You’ll read loop after loop of the same joke with very little variation and too much predictability. And while our leads, Kouta and Kurokawa each end up in opposing roles often assigned to their gender in most romantic stories, their behaviour and reactions are often trope ridden.

Get your mind out of the gutter, folks! She doesn’t mean that kind of ‘excited’.

To its credit, Lofty Flower seems to embrace having an aggressive and more ‘masculine’ heroine. While the plot involves Kurokawa wanting to be more passive and submissive to fit in and be more ‘liked’ as per gender stereotypes (boo!) , it soon becomes clear that her main appeal is that very suave and aggressive nature, as even Kouta is shown to repeatedly be swayed and charmed by her ‘usual’ behaviour. Hopefully, the series will continue to establish her as a lovely and wonderful person that doesn’t need to change as her aggressive behaviour does not involve any toxic elements such as being mean or rude; rather it is all about just being more forward and having reactions more normally associated with a confident romantic male lead.

Conversations so adult, none of us have had such ones.

Ultimately, your enjoyment depends on how much the following description appeals to you: a male lead is the swooning, blushing damsel while the female lead gets to often deliver the suave, prince charming like moves and lines. Keep in mind that Lofty Flower, Fall for Me!! is a 4koma meaning you get that scenario repeated over and over page after page for 3 chapters. The story does try a few new and unusual plot lines but it returns to the main formula repeatedly. You’ll be seeing the characters going through a lot of romance cliches with the punchline being that the genders are flipped. If that sounds like solid entertainment to you, then congratulations, you may have found your next favourite manga. As we only have 3 chapters out so far, there’s still plenty of chances for the series to grow and tackle its repetitive nature so unless you are completely adverse or uninterested in its main premise, Lofty Flower, Fall for Me!! might be a nice, quick and light read for most, so long as they do not expect anything deep or innovative.




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