Love is Like a Cocktail – Anime Preview

Synopsis: Quiet but capable, Mizusawa Chisato is a beautiful leader who has a secret that only her husband, Sora, knows about: she loves to drink, and when she’s drunk, she becomes extremely adorable! What bliss will Sora’s cocktail bring tonight? “Yoidere,” the drunken comedy cocktail about Japan’s most lovey-dovey couple. (Official Crunchyroll Synopsis)

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1st Episode Review (Warning: Minor Spoilers to Follow):

Linny: Here we have yet another iteration of a show type that’s slowly making its presence felt; a cute female character enjoying some kind of food or in this specific case, drinks. As always, said featured character is usually shy or prim and proper but the second the food or drink enters their mouth, they reach some extremely content form of bliss and loosen up. In Love is Like a Cocktail, Chisato turns from a quiet and reserved woman into someone super pouty and chatty. The show description claims she becomes extremely cute… but in all honesty, that’s going to be very subjective.

Oh, do you otherwise have your robot servants add it in?

Tom: Like a lot of these laid-back, food based shorts, everything is tame. Unless you’re actively looking for a show to ‘unwind’ with, Love is Like a Cocktail feels devoid of drama, comedy, or true character. Unless you’re craving food art, or the vaguely cutesy idea of a woman loosening up when she drinks, there just isn’t anything worthwhile here.

Linny: Now this is most likely me attaching my macabre sense of humour to the show for its lack of real comedy but the way the husband encourages his wife to drink is a little creepy. He stands there with a smile plastered on his face and he keeps telling her to drink even as she’s trying to have an conversation with him about other things. Just what is the true, dark nature unfolding in this relationship? But in all seriousness, this show is laid back and despite the show’s claims of how things get adorable once Chisato gets drunk, they don’t become all that interesting. Chisato just turns pink and drools on about how good the drink taste and then later, she whines about her behaviour.

And what a creepy looking lemon it is.

Tom: Love is Like a Cocktail is perhaps the one part of the anime medium I don’t truly get. It’s part of a pantheon of shows that turn drama and comedy down and instead focus on a more lazy, laid back atmosphere. To me, that means nothing of value or interest really happens. Sometimes incredible art saves it, sometimes there’s still just enough comedy and drama in there to make it all feel worthwhile (Non Non Biyori anyone?) but all too often in that effort to create a peaceful, calming atmosphere, the elements that make good entertainment, drama and comedy, are so underrepresented that it feels like nothing of value is happening. But there’s an audience there for it, who enjoy that near nothing approach, or perhaps the food art and recipes, and while I don’t understand it myself, it feels like Love is Like a Cocktail is the next entry in that avenue of laid back entertainment.

Linny: Love is Like a Cocktail is like a very bland palette cleanser. The kind that some people like to watch to wind down, the kind where nothing super amazing ever happens and people are just being people with maybe a single particular nuance involved. It has its own niche audience I would assume based on how these shows keep getting made so if you consider yourself part of that group or someone who would enjoy such a laid back show, then by all means, dive in… or rather lay back and enjoy the show. Everyone else, move along!


“Not Recommended: Unless you’re looking for an extremely laid back, drama and comedy free series, Love is Like a Cocktail isn’t for you.”

“Take it or Leave it: Love is Like a Cocktail is a show for those who like to unwind with daily life tales taken to the mundane extreme.”












Love is Like a Cocktail is available for streaming via Crunchyroll.

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