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Love Theory Chapters 5-8 Review

Love Theory:

Chapters 5-8

Reviewed by: Linny

Love theory 2a

1 panel summary.

Synopsis: Yarahata Kanji has not had the greatest success in his 20 years of life so far, failing his college entrance exams and failing at getting a girlfriend, when he meets a ghost, Aiya, who declares himself a love coach sent to help Kanji change his love-life, or rather his lack of a love life. Aiya is perverted and cocky, warning Kanji that failure to get a girlfriend within the year will result in the end of the Yarahata family line. Torn between desperation and disbelief, will Kanji heed Aiya’s words and will Aiya’s advice finally help Kanji land a girlfriend?

Chapters Synopsis (Spoilers Ahead): Frustrated by his lack of progress and jealous of other’s success, Kanji is close to throwing in the towel and admitting defeat, but Aiya’s advice comes to rescue. Filled with renewed energy and high from his little victory, Kanji asks out the girl of his dream, only to be shot down. Once again in the depths of despair, Kanji has to be taught a hard lesson by Aiya, which leads him to realize that there are more than just one fish in the ocean..and one of those fishies just might be taking Kanji home with her tonight.

Review (Warning: Spoilers to Follow):

Love Theory continues to dish out the laughs with Kanji and his over the top reactions to literally every hurdle and situation he encounters. But it also starts to get even more controversial as it progresses. Before I delve any deeper, I just want to point out that while I noticed these issues, I am merely stating them out for those who might wish to avoid reading such parts or like to know what to expect. For those curious about what happens, you begin to see why him turning more and more depressed and  bitter, something that is in parts sympathizing and in parts, frustrating as he seems to direct his anger and blame easily towards any and everyone else whenever he encounters defeat. Even Aiya starts to drop some lines which seem sexist such as claiming that women only care about skin deep kindness and not about the true nature of a guy. While it’s true that there exists all sorts of people and women, it seems offensive to just stamp it as a label applicable to all and only women. Once again, while I personally did continue to enjoy the story as a whole, there were certain philosophies and statements in these chapters that didn’t sit quite so well with me. However, rather than banning or vilifying such ideologies, I think it’s always important to treat them with logic and to be able to enjoy them in this case for their comedic factor, which is what they are mainly used for here.

Love 2b

Our guest star for this chapter: Krillin.

In Chapter 5, Kanji is frustrated as he observes women throwing themselves and falling for guys he knows to be sleazy playboys while ignoring him, a self declared nice guy (Pro tip: Just because you label yourself a nice guy doesn’t automatically make you one). Of course, Aiya has an explanation and a solution to that as he explains that girls like guys who make them feel pampered and cared for..or in his words “skin deep kindness”. He even lays out 55 rules of skin deep kindness which he promises will help melt any girl’s heart. On a whim, Kanji tries them out on Saki, his current crush and for his efforts, is rewarded by her lending him a parka in return for his ‘kindness’ towards her.


A lot =/= nonstop.

Hilariously high on the rush of receiving a parka from Saki, Kanji immediately jumps into asking her out on a date. Except his bad phrasing leads to a misunderstanding and she mistakes his proposal as a gift, accepting the tickets he had bought for their date as a gift for her alone. Her indirect rejection, and her reference to him as solely a co-worker drives Kanji back into the depths of despair until Aiya uses a rather ‘unique’ item to re-inspire his enthusiasm for dating. This chapter was fairly harmless, and Kanji’s dejection seems understandable especially to anyone who has struggled in the ways of love. And Aiya, as always brought the pain and the laughs.


That’s it folks, manga’s over, HE DEAD!

Using certain examples, Aiya manages to push it through Kanji’s head that the only way to avoid getting hung up because of a single rejection is to have many options as back up so you always have someone else to move on to. Spurred on by this knowledge, Kanji returns to the dating world. The whole lesson is a hoot and you’ll be sure to crack up as Aiya dispenses his pearls of wisdom. Picture below completely related.


Dude, what kind of dreams do you have because mine have never involved any pubes ever!

Just as luck would have it, Kanji recieves a call from a ‘popular’ classmate and an invitation to join him at a ‘mixer’ and Kanji gets not only a chance to diversify his infatuation targets, but more hilarious lessons on how to successfully navigate and mingle at a co-ed party. It’s not an easy battle but Kanji uses Aiya’s rules and advice to once again emerge victorious, and ends up leaving the party with a gorgeous girl wrapped around him. Out on the streets and unknown to him, he is spotted by Saki and we are left to wonder if his diversifying infatuation has completely ruined any chances of him ever winning her over, and if he might never need to care about Saki ever again. Once again, these chapters were pure comedy, with some gags feeling really over the top in keeping with Love Theory’s insane premise.


But then again, IT’S STILL WEIRD!

Though these new chapters did introduce some elements which could turn some readers off, there’s a high chance that people who would feel that way would not have picked this manga up in the first place. For a story that’s rather controversial and scandalous by premise and nature, Love Theory still manages to balance it well with comedy that’s sure to keep its fans hooked. And while those so called rules and what-nots laid out in the book may work on some in real life or offend some readers, I would just like to put a friendly reminder that this is a comedy manga and like all things in life, take it with a grain of salt.

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