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Love Tyrant – Preview

Love Tyrant:

Original Air Dates: April 6th, 2017 – ???

Peer pressure!

Synopsis: A Kiss Note is a powerful notebook that makes anyone who has their names written together instantly fall in love if they kiss each other, regardless of circumstances. This magical item belongs to a shinigami, Guri, whose job it is to create couples. However, she accidentally writes down Aino Seiji, a regular high school student, and unless he kisses someone, Guri will die. She convinces Seiji to go kiss his crush, Hiyama Akane, the school’s most popular girl. Unfortunately she turns out to have obsessive and psychotic feelings for Seiji, spurred by the belief that Guri is interested in Seiji too….

1st Episode Review (Warning: Some Spoilers to Follow):

Tom: Love Tyrant is wacky, constantly hammering you with joke after joke. Not all of it is funny, in fact, probably less than fifty-percent of the jokes will actually strike a cord with you, but it’s so fervent and frequent with the humor its hurling that something is near bound to stick. And eventually, after enough hits, you’ll find yourself gradually warming up Love Tyrant’s entirely bizarre and spoofish premise.

Linny: The breakneck speed at which Love Tyrant hurls its jokes at the audience can feel a little hectic and stifling but helps it to try out as many jokes as possible and raise the chance of landing at least a couple that’ll leave you chuckling. The first episode actually succeeds in pulling off quite a few twists here and there, even though it’s so full of cliches otherwise. At its most basic, one could reduce Love Tyrant to a story about a guy stuck in a truly horrid harem situation. This isn’t one of those harems where the guy is miserable because he is shy or a ‘decent’ guy, he’s miserable because all the new women in his life are completely insane. The humour is as insane as its female characters, with everyone constantly overreacting or losing their head over one thing or the other. If you prefer your humour subtle, you’re looking at the wrong show.

Boy, she’s going to be a handful in more ways than one.

Tom: Aino Seiji is the series’ straight man. As characters go, he’s nothing terribly special, he’s your average guy who constantly gasps and eye-pops at all the absurdity around him. It’s the crazy women he’s surrounded by that are the main attraction. We’re introduced to three insane girls this time around, Guri, the shinigami that starts Seiji’s unwanted harem, Hiyama Akane, a vicious but sexy yandere, and Yuzu, a blonde girl with a couple big secrets I’d hate to give away as they make for some of the most absurd and hilarious twists. These girls are the real stars and generate so much of the series hit or miss humor.

Linny: It’s definitely clear that our ladies are the true stars of the show/episode as they steal the limelight in every scene. Seiji is our main protagonist but he is your average straight man lead at best, completely overshadowed by the absurdity of his female counterparts. For anime viewers tired of the tsundere craze, it’s nice to have a yandere heroine in Akane and Guri proves to be quite a unique heroine as a cosplaying fujoshi shinigami (or is she?)

Tom: Love Tyrant’s art style well suits the fervent, rapid fire atmosphere. The characters are bubbly, bright colors catch the eyes, etc. The actual animation can be a bit stilted, sometimes with character movements feeling more like they’re cut outs hopping in front of a static background, but I think this was down on purpose in order to add to the series oddball charm. It’s nothing off-putting, just weird.

And cause brain damage at the same time apparently.

Linny: For a harem title, so far the sexuality in the show is somewhat tame. The ‘worst’ of it is a depantsing and how ridiculously jiggly Akane’s breasts are in her introductory scene but both are played so hilariously over the top that only the more conservative or inexperienced would find it offensive or titillating. Love Tyrant most likely won’t be the best or most original harem comedy you’ve ever watched but if you want a bubbly, bright and energetic show, it’s got enough to guarantee a fun time.

Tom: Love Tyrant is one of the better comedy offerings this season, but while its rapid fire approach to humor works, it isn’t ideal. There are times in the episode where you may feel a drought of laughter and your interest waning. But if Love Tyrant can nail its own tone and angle, then perhaps the jokes flying at you are more likely to hit the mark. I’m cautiously optimistic Love Tyrant will at least remain as enjoyable as its first episode.

“Recommended: Love Tyrant throws a lot of jokes at you. Not all of them land, but the ones that do keep the laughter flowing.”

“Recommended: Love Tyrant can be cliche but it moves so fast and has so many jokes and twists that it’s sure to leave most viewers laughing.”












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