Made in Abyss – Mid Season Anime Review

Synopsis: Within the depths of the Abyss, a girl named Riko stumbles upon a robot who looks like a young boy. Riko and her new friend descend into uncharted territory to unlock its mysteries, but what lies in wait for them in the darkness? (Official Anime Strike Synopsis)

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Mid Season (6 Episodes) Review (Warning: Minor Spoilers to Follow):

Tom: Made in Abyss remains one of the most visually engaging anime this season, with impressive landscape detail and artwork to depict its titular abyss filled with plenty of other worldly monsters that also boast fantastic and creepy designs. It’s a real visual darling.

Linny: The lovely visuals really help to sell and aid the appeal. For now, a huge part of the show is about the journey that Riko and Reg have undertaken to the bottom of the abyss and all the various levels and locations they’ll have to pass through and survive before they can even come anywhere close to the bottom. It’s about the various hardships, creatures and sights they encounter. Seeing how it’s based off an ongoing manga, it seems highly unlikely that our characters are going to reach their destination any time soon.

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Tom: Made in Abyss moves slow and as Linny pointed out, with it based upon an ongoing Manga there’s no hope of reaching a truly satisfying, all answers on the table, conclusion. It’s important viewers going in understand this, as there’s still a lot to appreciate if your focus is more so on the journey, rather than reaching the conclusion. But it’s still unfortunate, and even more so knowing that Made in Abyss’ manga has only just been picked up for Western Release, meaning fans will have to wait months, if not years, for the manga to catch up to the anime.

Linny: It is as Tom has stated, this is not a show for anyone hoping for quick answers or reveals. Mid season in and we haven’t gotten any sort of answer about Reg’s mysterious origins or purpose and the show seems more focused on adding to the intrigue and questions rather than answering them. Thankfully, this is done in such a manner that you get to enjoy the journey but there’s still no denying that Made in Abyss has a high potential to feel too slow for certain audiences.

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Tom: Keeping the journey engaging are our two leads Riko and Reg. Riko is adorable and determined, bringing a lot of life to the series. Reg brings the mystery and as Linny pointed out the show continues to tease greater and greater mysteries as to his origins and abilities.

Linny: In some ways Riko feels a bit like your classic shonen protagonist in that she is an orphan, she’s enthusiastic, curios and eager to the point of throwing caution to the wind despite everyone’s severe warnings. Her natural curiosity and determination make it easy to root for her, though some might feel like her obsession with getting to the bottom of the abyss can make her act a bit too rash or selfish. Reg on the other hand is pretty adorable, balancing out Riko’s less likeable tendencies with his innocence and sincerity. His robot body and mysterious past make for some rather amusing, if slightly disturbing throwaway lines and scenes.

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Tom: Made in Abyss is one of the top offerings this summer and is a series you sure don’t want to miss. That said, one minor caveat is a warning that our child characters disrobe at least once an episode. Riko has a tendency to forget her clothes after a bath or other little happenings like such. It’s caused portions of the anime community to accuse the series of loli pandering. While I don’t feel it’s been anything of the kind, it is something to note if you’re easily made uncomfortable by naked child characters. Otherwise, Made in Abyss is an excellent series with great atmosphere, mystery, discovery and wonderful art.

Linny: If you’re seeking something with visual flair and a plot that seem to have jumped right out of a cute and fun little RPG, Made in Abyss continues to impress on those grounds. Keep in mind though that the plot moves at a snail’s pace. If you want something that looks adorable but has a lot of darker shades hinted at and you have the patience, then do give Made in Abyss a try.


“Recommended: Made in Abyss offers incredible visuals and design sense wrapped up in an adventure that has you fearing for the safety of its young heroes.”

“Recommended: Interesting visuals, a hint of darkness and an adorable cast make this slow paced show an enjoyable watch for the patient.”














Made in Abyss is available for streaming via Amazon’s Anime Strike Channel and internationally via HIDIVE.

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