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Magimoji Rurumo – Anime Review

Synopsis: A boy named Kota Shibaki, who suddenly gets a bunch of magical tickets one day. Rurumo, a witch that was demoted to an apprentice witch, uses these tickets as training in the human world, and Kota can use these tickets to grant wishes, which are part of Rurumo’s training. However, the catch is that each ticket that is used shortens Kota’s lifespan, so will he help out Rurumo, even at the expense of his own life? (Official Crunchyroll Synopsis)

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Review (Warning: Minor Spoilers to Follow):

Linny: At first glance, Majimoji Rurumo sounds like a promising comedy. The story of a witch in training combined with a hormonal teenaged boy seemed like ripe grounds for inappropriate but hilarious perverted humour. Sadly, the show is instead a mess that’s all over the place with no real focus. It struggles to establish what kind of show it wants to be, constantly flip flopping and abandoning plot lines, ultimately ending up with not a single strong point worthy of praise.

Tom: Magimoji starts decent enough and teases the promise of Kota utilizing the tickets he’s been given to train Rurumo, but come at the cost of taking chunks of his life away. There isn’t actually a whole lot of that. It doesn’t help that Magimoji Rurumo often forgets what it’s ‘supposed to be about,’ frequently abandoning the idea of Kota training Rurumo to instead focuses on plot points and gags that have absolutely nothing to do with what the show introduced itself as. It’s then all the more frustrating as none of the characters develop or evolve. The plot oozed with potential for growth and offers brief instances of character focused episodes. But these character centric moments are so out of place, and awkwardly told, with zero carry over, that they feel even more hamfisted than Rurumo’s usual, already unimpressive content. 

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Linny: As Tom mentioned, any attempts spent on character development have zero followup in subsequent episodes, like it never happened in the first place. It becomes extremely disappointing and frustrating to watch Kota evolve into a better person in one episode, only to revert back or become even worse in the next. And the perverted content always ends up coming off as cheap and sleazy titillation material, never as a solid comedic gag. It just feels like fan service for the perverts and never offers any truly good comedic value.

Tom: The icing on the cake is Rurumo’s final episode, which acts as one last slap in the face. It’s a cliche ridden conclusion where all the effort expended is entirely negated by the show’s final moments/twist. It’s an awful finale and solidifies Magimoji Rurumo as a terrible watch.

Linny: As terrible endings go, Majimoji Rurumo takes the cake indeed. The last episode embodies and combines every single flaw we’ve mentioned so far. The entire plot line of the episode is rendered moot and pointless in the last few minutes, making you feel effectively cheated and robbed of your precious time. None of the major plot points established in episode 1 are addressed or resolved by the end, not even a bit. Add in the lack of well executed comedy and Majimoji Rurumo is most definitely a show best left forgotten.

“Not Recommended: Magimoji Rurumo is the very definition of forgettable, offering lukewarm comedy, pervert pandering and a terrifyingly awful finale.”

“Not Recommended: Majimoji Rurumo is a chaotic mess that offers sleazy fan service in the guise of comedy and leaves all its plot lines abandoned and forgotten.”














Magimoji Rurumo is available for streaming via Crunchyroll.

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