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Makeruna!! Aku no Gundan! – Preview

Makeruna!! Aku no Gundan!:

Original Air Dates: April 10th, 2017 – ???

You can START one sure, but can you successfully complete it?

Synopsis: The newly formed “Evil Corps” is a group of aliens, led by Don, on a mission to conquer the universe! Their first stop? Earth. But things don’t turn out quite as they plan. The trio finds plenty of quirky Earthlings standing in their way. As the struggles mount, Don’s plan to invade Earth becomes… distorted?

1st Episode Review (Warning: Some Spoilers to Follow):

Tom: Makeruna!! has a lot of kiddish charm. It’s art is water coloresque, with an unconventional amateurish style that’s not going to mesh well with the general anime audience, but has its own, youthful charm.

Linny: Everything about the art style makes it feel like you’re watching a show aimed at 3 year olds, from the bright colours to the goofy character designs. Granted that can have its own charm but might not immediately spark the interest of an older audience.

I’m sure she’ll leave..eventually..maybe..

Tom: My praise for the series ends there. While the idea of a completely incompetent set of aliens attempting to take over the world is a fun idea, and presents some potentially amusing characters, trouble is the series has a very bad habit of telegraphing its jokes from miles away. It stretches these moments out to the point where all humor to be had is gone. Humor often works on surprise and  unpredictability, and when you strip that aspect away what you’re left with feels far less clever or interesting.

Linny: It could be potentially amusing to watch this silly spoof on an alien invasion operated by clueless baddies. There’s a lot of silly interactions between its characters, like lackeys demanding bonus pay or mothers who refuse to leave after bidding farewell on a train station, but Makeruna!! does its jokes a disservice by dragging them on too long, even for a short form anime. It ends up feeling like Makeruna!! is stretching its material to try and pad its airtime. There’s a danger of the comedy quickly getting old and losing its charm from doing so.

I guess she’s about to learn about pollen allergies.

Tom: We tend to avoid reviewing children’s shows and while Makeruna!! isn’t tagged as one, it certainly feels like it. There’s a lot of cute, unconventional art and stupid humor to entertain smaller children. But while there’s a lack of truly interesting shorts this spring, I still feel it’d be better to dive into your back log than follow Makeruna!! for the season.

Linny: If you’ve been looking for shows to introduce your kid/nephew/niece/sibling to anime, then Makeruna!! is going to be the answer to your prayers. It’s extremely kid friendly with PG jokes and bright animation. However, for an older audience, while the spoofs and parodies might work for a bit, the humour may soon lose its appeal, especially once you’re forced to watch jokes dragged on way past their expiration dates.

“Not Recommended: Makeruna!! offers an unconventional and potentially appealing art style, unfortunately that comes alongside moronic characters and telegraphed comedy making for a generally unenjoyable five minutes.”

“Take it or Leave it: Makeruna!! offers goofy comedy and a bright art style that’s probably going to be a great success with children but not so much with older viewers.”












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