MARGINAL #4 the Animation – Preview

MARGINAL #4 the Animation:

Original Air Dates: January 12th, 2017 – ???

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Synopsis: A new idol unit is born: Marginal #4, who shall deliver their kisses to the ends of the galaxy. Its members, Atom Kirihara, Rui Aiba, L Nomura and R Nomura put in all their effort as thanks to the fans who’re supporting them! They put their all into their careers, under the guidance of their senior idol unit Lagrange Point, and a younger unit emerging after them: Unicorn Jr, but when they step off the stage they return to being ordinary high school boys with chaotic lives.

1st Episode Review (Warning: Some Spoilers to Follow):

Linny: Marginal #4 uses a lot of 3D at the start of its episode to animate the first big musical debut performance of the idol boys. Compared to similar shows in recent seasons, like Tsukiuta, the 3D isn’t all that impressive with movements looking limp and the lip sync struggling to match up.

Tom: The big issue with its CGI is just how poorly it matches the 2D animation when it inter-cuts back and forth. It’s impossible to suspend disbelief when the two art forms fail to sync up, making for an uneven presentation as Marginal attempts to sing and dance their way into our hearts.

Linny: The title alone makes it clear that Marginal #4 is likely to be yet another idol story about the rise to fame and daily struggles/lives. However, there’s a hint of potential drama in the form of an senior idol group, Lagrange Point, who do not approve of this new and younger group overtaking them in fame and success so that could offer something new for those tired of the same old idol formula.

An F Cup or higher? Keep dreaming.

Tom: The main narrative centering on the idol world and behind scenes the drama isn’t really all that interesting, at least for viewers who aren’t enamored with the industry. It’s rather ho-hum and doesn’t offer enough weight for more casual viewers to feel invested. However, Marginal #4 offers a secondary avenue of entertainment via the idol group’s everyday school lives and this is where the show picks up.

Linny: Watching our idols having to handle and try to escape the attention and demands of their classmates makes the viewer sympathetic to them as they are hounded for various favours by every single person they bump into. In fact, you might even get a few genuine chuckles from some of the jokes that pop up throughout their more everyday lives.

Tom: The boys themselves aren’t anything special. They feel much like any aloof member of an anime male idol band. They’re all a bit silly, quirky, potentially adorable in their own right, and entirely in line with generic expectations. That said, the four can be somewhat amusing during the more slice of life type segments, which is where the show is easily at its best.

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Linny: The boys are played as somewhat innocent and even downright strange and dumb in the case of Atom. They’re a bunch of 15 year olds so it isn’t that surprising that they’re so naive but the bottom line is they all seem like standard idol show fodder cast so at the end of the day, Marginal #4 remains a show for the idol fans.

Tom: Overall Marginal #4 doesn’t do enough original to make it a stand out amongst the burgeoning offerings of boy band anime fare. The slice of life angle to Marginal’s everyday high school is interesting, but doesn’t feel strong enough to make me want to sit through what otherwise feels like standard boy band idol fare. I think Marginal #4 is a decent watch for anyone enamored with this particularly industry already, but more casual viewers aren’t going to find much worthwhile here.

Linny: Let’s keep this short and wrap it up by saying that yes, don’t bother with Marginal #4 unless you’re already a fan of idol shows. There’s definitely some cute comedy in the series but nothing amazing enough to attract anyone other than the usual fan base.

“Take it or Leave it: Marginal #4 offers some unique slice of life elements, but otherwise feels like your standard male idol anime.”

“Take it or Leave it: Marginal #4 boasts of a decent laugh here and there but is ultimately yet another standard idol show.”











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