Masamune-kun’s Revenge – Preview

Masamune-Kun’s Revenge:

Original Air Dates: January 5th, 2017 – ???

Siblings will always tell you the harsh truth.

Synopsis: Makabe Masamune had a tough middle school life, and faced the rejection of a lifetime. Now in high school Makabe is buff, fit, and prepared to woo the girl who caused his middle school trauma, one Adagaki Aki. However his aim isn’t simply to win her affections, but to outright dump her in the end!

1st Episode Preview (Warning: Some Spoilers to Follow):

Tom: Masamune’s visuals are a bit washed out, with some drab coloring as if a filter is over the entire thing and while there’s plenty of color it feels a tad dull. The same can perhaps be said for its character designs, especially its leads who might look awfully familiar if you’ve watched enough anime, not sporting nearly enough unique touches to make them stand out. The same cannot be said however, for Masamune’s plot.

Linny: The premise is definitely intriguing with the potential to be both funny and also petty as we watch this teenager spend a lot, and I mean a lot of effort to avenge being rejected cruelly as a kid. Most people have experienced a painful rejection or two in their lives and while not all will be as petty as our hero is, his motivation is somewhat understandable. However, the show struggles to provide genuine laughs as most of its jokes are either strange or not that funny and a lot of its content is generic. In fact, our main female protagonist, Adagaki Aki is the cliche ‘princess’ with a huge following and fan base with classmates who wait on her hand and foot. And there’s always the risk that some viewers might find the whole premise of revenge to be much too petty to be able to enjoy it as a comedy.

Lucky for him, he isn’t in an action anime or he’d be dead already.

Tom: Sometimes Masamune is surprisingly hilarious, with a few truly great, yet odd moments that’ll really catch you off guard. Other times the show feels far too serious for its own exceedingly over the top premise. It doesn’t help that some of its more outlandish jokes play so fast and loose with body science that they make almost little to no sense and fall flat on their face.

Linny: The episode was honest, maybe even bitter about how everyone is nicer to you when you are good looking. This show might turn out to be rather shallow as it has already revealed that our mean girl, Aki has a big secret… one that feels rather silly in my opinion. But then it drops very heavy handed hints that she might not be as cold and cruel as she comes off and so it’s already this weird mix of extreme comedy but with serious tones, ultimately feeling weak in both categories.

Tom: Makabe as a lead can be both funny and exceedingly petty which sometimes really skirts a line between humorous and outright sad. The same can be said for Adagaki, who is incredibly cruel. Sometimes that lands in funny territory, and other times she just seems like the outright wicked girl she is. Sadly, Masamune has trouble balancing this conundrum and it doesn’t always make the landing.

Don’t you just love his narcissistic overconfidence?

Linny: It’s well known that anime isn’t the best at coming up with believable or realistic parent characters and Masamune suffers a deadly case of this when it comes to Makabe’s mother. Both her looks and behaviour are comically unmotherly and the contrast should prove hilarious to some.

Tom: Overall I’m extremely mixed on Masamune-Kun’s Revenge. I like the premise. I like the idea of a comedy based around such an outlandish path to revenge. The trouble is in the execution and I only found myself truly enthralled a third to half the time. If Masamune can pick up I’d be willing to recommended it, but right now I don’t think it’d be the worst thing in the world if you gave it a miss.

Linny: When I first read the summary for Masamune’s Revenge, it made me chuckle to imagine someone so salty that they would devote their life to avenging a single rejection. However, the first episode has left me feeling mixed as well. There were some solid laughs but for the most part, I found myself either bored, confused or annoyed by how generic the character designs were and how the episode seemed to struggle to decide what kind of show it wanted to be. Overall, it’s going to have to improve a lot more before it can be a solid recommendation from me and I’d definitely warn anyone debating picking this up to do so with lowered expectations.

“Take it or Leave it: Masamune-Kun’s Revenge has the potential to be an incredibly funny, if absurd comedy on revenge, but right now it’s too uneven.”

“Take it or Leave it: Despite an amusing take on a outlandish but relatable premise, Masamune struggles to land its comedy and balance its tone.”













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