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Miss Bernard said.:

Original Air Dates: October 6th, 2016 – ???

When you’re too addicted to reading only manga.

Synopsis: Sawako Machida “Miss Bernard”, is a lazy girl who wants to be seen as a well-read individual– but she doesn’t actually read all that much. Machida constantly bothers poor Kendou, who’d prefer to read alone in peace in the school’s library. They’re also joined by actual bookworm, Shiori who can’t stand Machida’s poser-ish ways.

1st Episode Review (Warning: Some Spoilers to Follow):

Linny: The animation in Miss Bernard said. is nothing amazing, falling into the style and quality that one has come to expect from most short form series. The movements during fast paced actions can look sketchy and ugly while pulled back camera shots leave the scenery and characters looking under defined and bare bones.

Tom: We’ve got, maybe, four characters in total here. There’s our straight man for the series, Endou, who just wants to do his reading in peace. He’s ‘tormented’ by Bernard, or Machida, Sawako as her real name goes. She’s a caricature of those people who pretend to be more well read than they really are. Their dynamic is the main focus, which is pretty one note as Bernard’s whole shtick is that false bookworm persona. To spice it up Miss Bernard also gives us Shiori, an actual, overly talkative bookworm, and her friend, Sumika, who was given little to work with this time around.

If you have to ask, the answer is most likely a no.

Linny: Miss Bernard/Sawako Machida will either amuse you with her persistent attempt to come off as ‘well read,’ or annoy you by reminding you of the fakers you know in real life. Even if you don’t take to her, you do get two other characters you might end up rooting for, Endou who calls her out on her pretenses and Shiori for being an actual bookworm and passionate book lover, if possibly a nutcase in her own way. Having these two opposing characters leads to potential for great comedy and while we get a glimpse of it in the first episode, it might not click with all viewers.

Tom: Miss Bernard said. has about two jokes in it, neither of which is terribly funny, and both get dragged out for surprisingly too long considering the episode isn’t even four minutes in length. It’s sort of amusing, the idea of a poser bookworm, an actual bookworm and a poor guy who just wants to read stuck in the middle, but I struggle to believe it’ll be something that remains engaging over the course of an entire season when it was already faltering from episode one alone. Either Miss Bernard said. is just waiting to become insanely clever, or, based off what I’ve seen here, it’ll be a slog to the finish line.

Linny: The humour of Miss Bernard said. seems in danger of becoming too one note. It seems difficult to drag this joke on for an entire series when it starts to feel repetitive within the very first episode itself. It’s definitely amusing to see her passionately monologuing about books while freely admitting to never having read any of them. The conversations in the episode take place fast and hard becoming comedic just by nature of their intensity and speed but it’s all stuff that doesn’t feel very hilarious, just slightly amusing. And all the passionate and fast paced monologues end up making the episode feel cramped and rushed.

And yet you’re all smiles.

Tom: Miss Bernard said. isn’t the worst short we’ve seen this season, not even close. In fact, I’d say it’s pretty middle of the road. You’re bound to get a little amusement from it and at four minutes it’s hard to argue that you’d really be wasting all that much time anyway. But this short-form needs to tighten its jokes more, and make sure they pack more of a bunch and leave an impression, otherwise I think Miss Bernard said. might be little more than forgettable.

Linny: I have to agree that Miss Bernard is mediocre at best but definitely not terrible. There is some potential in how kooky and silly Sawako and Shiori are and watching them both obsess over books in their own ways and interacting with each other can be amusing. At the same time though, the jokes do seem in danger of remaining one note but if that works for you, Miss Bernard said. seems an easy watch with its short episode run time.

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“Take it or Leave it: Miss Bernard said. has an amusing premise, and a few amusing jokes, but it needs to offer more to make it worth sticking around for.”

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“Take it or Leave it: Miss Bernard said. has amusing characters but its premise might end up feeling too repetitive or one track.”










Miss Bernard said. is available for streaming via Crunchyroll.com

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