Mitsuboshi Colors – Anime Preview

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Synopsis: The adventures of the Colors include struggling to be heard, playing games, solving puzzles, and outsmarting some adults, all before nightfall! What will happen to them when reality starts rearing its ugly head? (Official HIDIVE Synopsis)

A drastic demand but nobody said achieving world peace would be easy.

1st Episode Review (Warning: Minor Spoilers to Follow):

Tom: Mitsuboshi Colors looks a little rough in places. We’re talking stilted animation during a couple shots, particularly whenever the girls are running around the town. That said, it’s not terrible and often times still provides a passably cute and vibrant atmosphere that’s enjoyable, if hardly a prize pig.

Linny: Mitsuboshi Colors does fall into the cute girls doing cute things type of show that’s been very commonplace this winter but manages to make its mark thanks to these girls using their imagination and coming up with pretend adventures and mysteries to solve. They’re adventurous, lively and watching them interact with all the adult cast members adds extra charm as the adults either play along or get caught up in their make believe. The girls in Mitsuboshi Colors act like kids with very active imaginations, with a little anime flair thrown in but still ultimately feel believable. The show manages to make a charming and smile inducing watch out of their activities.

Impossible! The universe would implode from the cuteness overload.

Tom: Things start a little slow for Mitsuboshi Colors and it takes a bit to get to the really cute and adorable stuff. But once it picks up Mitsuboshi Colors manages that perfect balance between cute moe content and comedy that so many other anime this season just aren’t landing. As Linny said, much of the appeal comes not from the girls talking all cutesy babyish (although that makes a lot more sense here due to their much younger ages compared to, say, Slow Start) but instead from the way the adults treat the girls. There’s a sense of love behind their interactions with our three heroines, and that playful nature feels more endearing than just watching the three girls be all sugary cute and sweet.

Linny: While the girls do have tinges of archetypes in their personalities and a dynamic found in other shows, Mitsuboshi Colors manages to make its girls feel very vibrant and fleshed out rather than basic, lazy rehashes of common tropes. 

Tom: Largely that’s because each girl has a couple aspects to them. For example Kotoha is not only the ‘brains’ of the group, but has a slight sinister side to her. Or Yui, the brown haired leader of the trio, isn’t all brains or a total airhead either. Despite being the leader, she’s also a crybaby. It’s this multifaceted nature for the three that keeps them feeling fresh.

That’s quite a drastic shift of goals.

Linny: Mitsuboshi Colors is one of those moe shows that has a more universal appeal thanks to the cute girls acting like cute kids rather than being posed or voiced specifically to meet the more cliche anime specific moe style. Their cuteness comes from their childish world of make believe and their spirit of adventure resulting in hilarious situations rather than super precocious voice, character designs or extremely contrived scenarios. If you are picky about your slice of life moe or have time for only one this season, Mitsuboshi Colors deserves that spot over any other.

Tom: Right now I feel like Mitsuboshi Colors might be Winter’s best title. Sure the animation isn’t top notch like, say, Slow Start’s art, but Mitsuboshi Colors has tons of charm, wonderful characters, and while a little slow at first, ramps up with its adorable nature and some wonderfully absurd comedy to round things out. It’s captured my attention and I’m eager to see where it goes more than any other anime that’s aired in 2018 thus far.

“Recommended: Mitsuboshi Colors nails that perfect balance between sugary sweet moe and adorable comedy, leaving me excited to see what the rest of its season has in store.”

“Recommended: Mitsuboshi Colors makes its moe cast feel like lovable, believably real kids and not just anime cliches.”













Mitsuboshi Colors is available for streaming via HIDIVE.

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