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Mitsuboshi Colors – Anime Review

Synopsis: The adventures of the Colors include struggling to be heard, playing games, solving puzzles, and outsmarting some adults, all before nightfall! What will happen to them when reality starts rearing its ugly head? (Official HIDIVE Synopsis)

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Review (Warning: Minor Spoilers to Follow):

Tom: On the surface, viewers will find Mitsuboshi Colors never wows. Never the worst looking show to come across our eyes, rarely does the series look properly good. Animation is lackluster, background work sometimes merely heavily filtered photography. The visuals are by and large Mitsuboshi Colors greatest detractor, marring what is, otherwise, a delight beneath the surface.

Linny: We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Mitsuboshi Colors is no prize pig when it comes to animation style or quality. It’s minimalist, often crude and keeps relying on photorealistic filtered background art that come together to offer visuals that aren’t going to impress anyone. The story of Mitsuboshi Colors is simplistic as well. It is all about following three young girls out and about on their many little games and watching them often be minor nuisances to the townspeople. The girls’ personalities are the best part of the show, so if you do not feel charmed by or take to any of them by the end of the first episode, you’re unlikely to enjoy the rest of Mitsuboshi Colors as a lot of the jokes rely on the quirky personalities of the girls jiving off one another.

Thankfully it’s just a statue so we should all be safe.

Tom: Our three little ‘heroines’ (who are often more the terrors than saviors of the townsfolk as they claim to be) are Mitsuboshi Colors’ greatest boon. Kotoha the deadpan gaming detective, Sacchan the poop obsessed terror and Yui the seeming ‘straight-man’ of the trio each bring unique charm to the table. While most moe focused slice of life craft girls who are sugary sweet and wholly unrealistic, there’s an air of authenticity to the way these three girls behave, almost as if they’re real, rambunctious kids and we’re merely watching their honest to god day to day.

Linny: That is truly where most of Mitsuboshi Colors’ charm lies; in its well balanced mix of creating child characters that display enough anime style personality quirks to make them funny or endearing yet also realistic enough to make their adventures seem convincing and adorable. Add to that, the various adult characters who either act as chuckle inducing adversaries to the girls aka Saitou, the poor park guard who has to deal with their hi-jinks and antagonisms, or allies in the form of Nonoka and Oyaji, who enable their mischief by inventing games and mysteries for them to tackle.

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Tom: It’s that authenticity, that believability, that creates a low key, relaxing atmosphere that makes the best of the slice of life genre so appealing. But it’s also the way in which Mitsuboshi Colors doesn’t quite hold up to the true greats of the genre. Titles like Non Non Biyori may feel less real, with characters quirkier than children would tend to be in real life, but altogether provide more frequent, and immediately enjoyable entertainment. In Mitsuboshi Colors’ success at crafting realistic feeling children, it comes at the cost of punchier episodes. Sometimes the series does little more than try to subsist on cute visuals of our tykes running around with whatever game they’re engrossed in. But that’s where the unimpressive animation gets in the way, hindering the series attempt to coast on its quaint, authentic atmosphere and damaging an otherwise fun, if subdued, series.

I see the artillery budget was low.

Linny: We apologize if this review seems very similar and repetitive to our previous coverage on Mitsuboshi Colors but it cannot be helped because for better or worse, the show is extremely consistent and unchanging, thus in turn making it hard to say anything we haven’t already said in the Mid Season Review. It still is a decent pick for anyone seeking a feel good show to unwind with, a somewhat realistic show with adorable characters that balance quirky and grounded. Watching these three little girls claim to be protectors of their town while often being mischievous handfuls is endearing without being too cheesy or sugary. But do remember to have lowered expectations for the animation. 

Tom: It’s always a little slow, a little too real, but enjoyable and adorable all the same. Fans of Non Non Biyori will find Colors hit or miss, never ever reaching the comedic highs Biyori is so well known for. But what’s here is great for anyone seeking something a bit more grounded, but still filled with moe-ness that isn’t going to send you into a diabetic coma like other titles (such as this Winter’s anime title Slow Start).

Recommended: Mitsuboshi Colors may not be the next Non Non Biyori, but its more grounded, real take on adorable, bratty children still manages to provide plenty of low-key comedy and adorable shenanigans.

Recommended: If you’re seeking semi-realistic depictions of kids being adorable handfuls, Mitsuboshi Colors delivers, albeit with sub-par animation and a tempered tone.














Mitsuboshi Colors is available for streaming via HIDIVE.

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