Mitsuboshi Colors – Mid Season Anime Review

Synopsis: The adventures of the Colors include struggling to be heard, playing games, solving puzzles, and outsmarting some adults, all before nightfall! What will happen to them when reality starts rearing its ugly head? (Official HIDIVE Synopsis)

For the moe points, that’s why.

Mid Season (6 Episodes) Review (Warning: Minor Spoilers to Follow):

Tom: Mitsuboshi Colors’ animation remains bare bones, often lacking greater detail for its characters. We’re frequently treated to still shots, or scenes where the only characters moving are the girls, leaving background characters static. The background work for the series ranges from impressively detailed to odd and disconnected from the characters. At times the series employs impressively detailed landscape artwork, creating a vibrant world for the characters to play in. Other times it appears the background art is actually on location photography with some form of visual layer applied so it’s not entirely out of place for our animated heroines. Sometimes this works, and other times it still feels at odds with the rest of the series work.

Linny: It’s definitely frustrating how bare bones the art is as whenever the story drags, the failings of the animation become prominent and an eyesore. Whenever the camera has the girls’ entire bodies in the shot, they’re almost always looking barely defined with ugly line work and immediately push Mitsuboshi Colors down to being one of the ugliest and most minimally animated shows of its season.

Young child reveals shocking news!!

Tom: Thankfully Mistuboshi Colors is more than it’s awkward art, offering up these three adorable girls, Yui, Sacchan and Kotoha as the out and out stars of this series. We spend so much time with each girl, fleshing out their youthful personas that at six episodes in I feel like I know all three incredibly well. Part of this has to do with how sparingly the series utilizes additional characters. Many anime comedies dump new characters in every few episodes, with shenanigans focusing on these latest additions. While Colors adds a character here or there, they never appear for very long, or act as the focus of the episode, instead keeping all our attention on our main three. This of course means that your fondness or lack thereof, for our three lead girls will completely make or break the series for you. Yui’s crybaby like nature, Sacchan’s poop obsession and Kotoha’s gaming, aloof nature need to connect with you, otherwise there’s scant else left to love.

Linny: Mitsuboshi Colors is a mix of realism and fantasy in that the girls often engage in everyday activities, believable for their age, like running around town and pretending they’re on some big mission. The show makes it clear that it’s all in their heads and never uses magical imagery ever, keeping everything firmly grounded in everyday ‘real life’ locations. On the other hand, the more “fantastical” (for lack of a better word) elements can be seen in how even the local gang members play along with the kids and how extremely accommodating a lot of the people around the girls are rather than yelling at them or shoo-ing them like one might expect. Otherwise the show continues to do a great job of making these girls have personalities that while obviously nuanced and given a moe coat of paint, are believable and endearing of someone their age like how Sacchan is obsessed with the word poop and tries to insert the word/topic in a LOT of her conversations or how they set out to check on the elephants in the zoo after reading a sad book about elephants yet keep getting distracted on their mission by other animals and activities in the zoo.

I think you’d get a jail sentence, not a statue for that activity.

Tom: That more grounded approach is often what keeps Mitsuboshi Colors a bit slow. Non Non Biyori isn’t all that fantastical a slice of life, often keeping things relatively grounded, but certain aspects to the stories do feel constructed for comedy’s sake. For better or worse, Mitsuboshi Colors feels even more honest, as if we really are following around three rambunctious girls in their day to day. I think it’s largely successful, even if it means that Colors never hits the highs Non Non Biyori manages, or other similar Slice of Life. While Colors isn’t incredible to look at, nor offers up rib-tickling comedy, it’s still an amusing journey each week and well worth any Slice of Life fan’s time.

Linny: What can I add that Tom hasn’t already said. If you’ve been aching for a laid back and sweet show following the daily lives and adventures of three mischiveous and adorable girls, minus heavy artificial moe-ness, you’d do well to check out Mitsuboshi Colors. You DO have to brace for the basic and unappealing animation and the fact that by sticking to realistic stories, the show can feel slow ever so often. But for all its flaws, Mitsuboshi Colors is sure to win over anyone seeking a show revolving around realistically believable and adorable young characters with its calming and cute exploration of their everyday adventures.

Recommended: Mitsuboshi Colors is lacking in quality art, but makes up for it with strong backgrounds, adorable characters, plus a nice, relaxing, and amusing atmosphere.

Recommended: Mitsuboshi Colors offers a grounded and adorable look at the misadventures of three young girls but suffers from low animation quality.













Mitsuboshi Colors is available for streaming via HIDIVE.

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