Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans – Season 2 – Preview

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans – Season 2:

Original Air Dates: October 2nd, 2016 – ???

If you’d watched Season 1, you’d know it’s because it’s high risk and hurts a ton.

Synopsis: Sometime has passed since Tekkadan defeated Gjallarhorn during their mission to aid Princess Kudelia in her quest to reach Earth. Since then Tekkadan has risen as a military/warfare hero, expanding their influence and recruiting new soldiers to their force. Meanwhile Gjallarhorn struggles to maintain control of the general populace as more fighting breaks out due to Gjallarhorn’s defeat by Tekkadan. As the rise of child soldiers begins, and more and more Mobile Suits are unearthed to take part in new conflict, Mikazuki and Tekkadan find themselves again commissioned to defend Kudelia as she comes under attack by space pirates during her inspection of a halfmetal mine.

1st Episode Review (Warning: Some Spoilers to Follow):

Tom: The big players of Tekkadan are back and seemed to have progressed a bit between seasons. Orga has grown into his position as leader of Tekkadan, becoming used to and in some ways thankful for his new desk job. Mikazuki hasn’t changed much, remaining the same no nonsense, few words hero we knew from last time and Kudelia herself is perhaps a bit wiser, less ready to hurl herself into a public role, instead focused on other tasks. While characters are much as we remember them, the dynamic has greatly shifted, as Tekkadan doesn’t appear to be the same underdog we once knew, now recognized for their battle prowess and in the process of recruiting and training new soldiers to bolster their ranks.

Linny: It’s refreshing to see Kudelia diving into actual physical and social work, compared to her somewhat helpless and frustrating position last season. It makes her seem a lot more mature and wiser, and so does Orga who seems to have settled into his desk job running Tekkadan from the office rather than a mech suit. And as little as we see of Mikazuki, he continues to be Orga’s most trusted friend, co-worker and most importantly, continues to remain a bad-ass in a mech suit even from the first episode itself.

Well, that’s one depressing way to start a show.

Tom: Season 2 isn’t just interested in reintroducing the original cast, as we’re introduced to a slew of new characters ranging from new Tekkadan recruits who’ve yet to experience the true horrors of war (Welcome to Gundam boys!) and new adversaries that have taken charge of Gjallarhorn, or even businessmen who seem to be aware of far more than they should. Rather than pure reintroductions, Iron-Blooded Orphan’s second season is already setting the stage for the new growing conflicts of the season.

Linny: While the new members of Tekkadan don’t receive proper introductions, some of them are shown to have already risen to higher ranks and have integrated well into the organization. On the other hand, there’s some who seem to have issues with how the organization is run or are just plain rebellious, potentially paving the foundation for some internal conflicts and drama as the season progresses.

Tom: This premiere is far less concerned with the characters, as it is reestablishing the setting and new status quo. We learn very quickly just how badly things have gone between seasons, far more so than most audiences might’ve expected. War is on the rise, children soldiers are becoming the norm, and more. The episode is pretty meaty in all this, and might potentially confuse viewers as we’re bombarded with tons of information and political scheming in order to bring us up to speed. It can be a bit overwhelming and I feel like it might’ve been better to ease us in a little more than to cram so much into one episode.

But right now, they call him “asleep”.

Linny: While the men in the show seem to look the same physically, some of the women, i.e Kudelia, Cookie and Cracker, seem to be a good indicator of how much time has passed. They all look older, bigger/ wiser. Compared to the somewhat hopeful notes that last season ended on, we come to find out that things might have gotten a lot worse overall. It’s not too surprising as what would a Gundam show be without a healthy dose of war and cruelty? In this case, it’s especially noteworthy as it shows how the victory of one group of wronged people may still ultimately result in suffering and pain for other innocents.

Tom: The only real ‘human’ moment we get in the episode is when we finally get a look in on Cookie and Cracker, who’ve really moved up in the world thanks to their late brother’s efforts. We even get to see a little bit of the toll his passing has taken on them and how it’s changed their reactions to certain, violent situations. Just like the human element, action is on the low here and only flares up at the end of the episode just as Tekkadan is attacked while protecting Kudelia (This woman is chased by violence!) Propping the episode up for anyone less enthralled with the politics is that same awesome soundtrack that gets your blood pumping. The animation itself is just as before, and we’re even treated to a few new Mech designs as Season 2 enters into a new golden age of Mobile Suit warfare.

Butterflies are friends, not food.

Linny: Though a little overwhelming with its status of the world update and influx of new characters on both the good side and the bad, Season two seems to already be gearing up to provide as much action and war drama as possible. We’ve gotten a glimpse into all the changes that took place during the period between the two seasons and allusions to the new issues that will now plague Tekkadan after having secured their independence and made a name for themselves. Here’s to hoping that the show does a better job of pacing itself as it continues the magic of its previous season.

Tom: Viewers less interested in the ‘politics’ of IBO might find the season’s start a tad boring, but the action at the end should alleviate any concerns going forward for those frustrated with a plot heavy introduction. I’m ultimately very excited to see where this second half goes, and the change in dynamic for our heroes leaves me hopeful that IBO won’t retread the same concepts and narrative it did so well already. IBO does look like it’ll remain one of the better entry points for new viewers to the overall franchise.

Tom Recommend Badge

“Recommended: With a change in dynamic, and the world having only gotten worse, Iron-Blood Orphans Season 2 looks to continue itself as one of the better Alternate Universe Gundams.”

Linny Recommend Badge

“Recommended: With a flood of information regarding its main cast, the political and social status of the world, and several new good and bad guys, this first episode is an intense dive back into the world of IBO.”














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