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Monster Girl Doctor – 1st Episode Review

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Synopsis: Welcome to the town of Lindworm, where humans and monsters coexist and rookie doctor Glenn carries out some…risqué medical examinations! Whether probing deep into the gills of a mermaid, suturing the thigh of a flesh golem, helping a harpy lay an egg, or palpating each and every scale of a dragon… No matter how different their looks, bodies, and properties, Glenn devotes his all to saving them—and, in the process, winds up in some pretty dangerous liaisons…? But don’t worry—it’s all just a part of his medical exams! (Official Crunchyroll Synopsis)

Sounds like high time to bury the hatchet.

1st Episode Review (Warning: Minor Spoilers to Follow):

Crunchyroll’s synopsis makes Monster Girl Doctor sound a bit more lewd that it truly is. Don’t misunderstand, this series does open with a breast exam for a cow monster girl, one where she moans up a storm, but outside of a couple instances of incessant moaning, Monster Girl Doctor is a far more easy-going, formulaic series about the titular Monster Girl Doctor diagnosing whatever ails his patients.

The primary thrust of the show is simple: Glenn is a fledgling Monster Girl Doctor (actually I think he’s just a regular Monster Doctor, but we never actually watch him examine any of the men directly,) who becomes so focused in his examinations he loses awareness of all else. He goes where he’s needed, helping Monster Girls overcome whatever ails them. He’s aided by his assistant/co-worker, one Saphentite Neikes, a lamia/snake-girl who happens to be head over heels for him and sometimes outright jealous of other Monster Girl’s developing interest in Glenn. And that’s it. That’s the show. Based off this first episode alone, audiences should probably expect a general adherence to formula every week: Glenn meets a new monster girl, discovers she has something wrong with her, attempts to diagnose it, queue some jealously-based comedy from Saphentite, and bobs your uncle, Glenn cures the monster girl of the week.

He says as he stares directly at them.

Despite the episode’s formula being quite predictable, as well as the characters being little more than a collection of typical tropes, I think the show is still serviceable. It’s easy to become wrapped up in the formula, wondering what ails the monster girl until Glenn manages to nail the problem down. Solutions aren’t really something audiences can necessarily determine themselves, the show doesn’t treat the examinations and subsequent diagnoses as a mystery, but the act of getting to the solution is interesting none the less.

What keeps me from giving Monster Girl Doctor a, even if tepid, recommendation, is the art. What’s presented in the episode is stilted, lackluster, and never manages to capture the eye. Character Designs may not be oozing with ecchi appeal, nor do they need to, but there’s still a general lack of flair to the design sense, often leaving characters unmemorable. Animation is another issue. It is often flat, and the CGI, used to help realize some of the more difficult monsters that traditional 2D artwork might struggle with, feels bare bones. While the episode’s presentation is genuinely serviceable, I think the writing would have to be a whole lot more catchy and snappy to make up for a lack of captivating visuals. Truthfully, the writing itself is just as unimpressive. Monster Girl Doctor does have a fun gimmick though, one that might be enough for some to transcend the un-engaging visuals and generally tropey characterization. This means Monster Girl Doctor is ultimately another ho-hum Summer offering. Nothing impressive unfortunately, but hardly awful either.

Take it or Leave it: Monster Girl Doctor offers up a fun gimmick as its titular character diagnoses the monster girls he comes across, yet remains lukewarm in overall presentation.



Monster Girl Doctor is available for streaming via Crunchyroll.

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