Synopsis: When Kimihito finds himself sucked into a government exchange program he soon develops a monster problem- a monster girl! But things are about to go from bad to worse when monster women of all species begin to invade for Kimihito’s home. (Official HIDIVE Synopsis)

Though some may hotly argue this is heaven, the man is clearly in hell.

Review (Warning: Minor Spoilers to Follow):

Tom: Monster Musume provides a fun take on harem anime thanks to its host of different, exotic, monster girls spanning all the popular monster types you’d find throughout any classic JRPG. But the best parts of Musume stem from the world building done to sell the Monster Girls as a natural part of this fantasy world. It’s interesting hearing about all the little details that accompany accommodating this sudden appearance of monster girls around the world and the struggle of integrating them into society.

Linny: While the monster girls make for a unique and entertaining cast, personality wise they come as cliche as can be. Monster Musume is an unabashed ecchi, with all the tropes that come with it and nothing can hide the fact that titillation is its one, true goal. It finds every excuse and reason to have the girls behave in a scandalous or seductive manner, which should be great for those who picked the show up hoping for exactly that. There’s nothing remotely deep or complex about its characters or its plot (No, the actual plot.) and thus perfect for those who want to turn one half of their brain off while ‘turning on’ the other.

Too late! This is already beyond weird.

Tom: Monster Musume isn’t ashamed to be up front about exactly what kind of series it really is. It’s safe to say if the first five minutes don’t do it for you, it’s better to steer clear entirely, because those first five minutes are everything you need to know about Monster Musume’s frequent flirtation with fan service and sexual humor. For Ecchi fiends, know that Musume provides fairly high quality animation and art, prepared to deliver to you the best ecchi experience it can give on Japanese TV (censored on Crunchyroll and uncensored on HIDIVE). That said though, there’s isn’t too much else to praise. While the show does play with Kimihito and the Monster Girls’ obsession with him a bit better than most harem, Kimihito himself still hits near every cliche. Monster Musume barely gets away with the girl’s attraction to him in the first place. Kimihito’s personality doesn’t extend much farther beyond the text book definition of “nice” and while in most harem it’d feel incredibly forced for the girls to fawn over him, it almost makes sense in Monster Musume, as the monster girls are use to being feared or loathed throughout the human world. So you can almost understand why they’d be fawning for the one man who appreciates them as they are. “almost.”

Linny: It is what it is; a harem show. Don’t expect too much and don’t overthink it. Musume has a lot of flaws and can rightfully/easily be picked apart for each and every one. But it’s honest about itself so you should be able to tell if it is for you or not within the first few minutes. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart and it’s definitely not for those who despise generic cliches. But it does put its heart into pleasing the ecchi crowds. Furthermore, it also puts effort into its animation and in world building, with little eye catches at the end of each episode filled with information about all kinds of monster girls, even some that never manage an appearance. I really enjoyed reading the show’s takes on popular folklore creatures and maybe it will act as a little bonus surprise for other viewers too.

Be careful about wishing for girls fighting over you.

Tom: Ultimately Monster Musume stumbles in its final episode, its ‘Final Arc’ stretching on for too long. The final few episodes focus on a mysterious individual threatening Kimihito through the mail. The reveal/conclusion to this three-episode plot is predictable and disappointing, in part due to the lengthy build up. Thankfully there’s plenty of “plot” to make up for it. Ultimately I enjoyed my time with Monster Musume, mostly for its unashamed devotion to providing some of the strongest ecchi content in the past few years. I’ll be recommending it for Ecchi lovers, but a strong pass for everyone else.

Linny: Is it going to surprise anyone when I say this show is definitely not on my favourites list? The generic content, combined with the sheer dedication to shoving in as much fan service as possible, ensures that this is a show for a very specific crowd. It does have some genuinely funny moments but Monster Musume is an ecchi through and through, best enjoyed by those who fully embrace that and expect nothing beyond it.

Recommended: Monster Musume is great for ecchi lovers, with strong perverted comedy and ample fan service sure to please the most ardent of perverts, yet turn away near everyone else.

Take it or Leave it: Monster Musume contains decent animation and comedy that caters solely, and exclusively, to the ecchi seekers.















Monster Musume Everyday Life With Monster Girls is available for streaming via Crunchyroll, Hulu, Viewster, HIDIVE and Yahoo.

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  • Monster Musume was what got me into monster girls originally and it’s something I’m very fond of. That said, I think the anime is worse than the manga. While the manga is certainly ecchi, the addition of things like music and playing out in real time makes it harder to find some scenes more funny than erotic (this is similar to the problem I have with Mineta in My Hero Academia, where he feels much more creepy animated than in manga format).

    The manga also gets better the further in you go, where it explores the girls as characters more as well as aspects of their culture and Kimihito becomes more developed as a character and parent-like to the girls (one of my favorite gags is when Lilith, the Lesser Devil girl, tries to hypnotize Kimihito to show his true self to prove her belief all human men are perverts, but then he starts scolding her for being lewd and she thinks it didn’t work…only to realize it DID and all the antics with the girls have caused him to be used to being like this XD).

    There’s also some fun reveals, like the fact that Lala DOES actually have powers and what drew her to Kimihito was that the other girls actually do kill him, but he pulls his soul out of the Sanzu River out of sheer force of will each time and that revives and heals him (though he can only remember his times being there and talking to Lala there while there and forgets when he revives) or how the Chief of Police from the MON introduction is actually Papi’s father. Humor’s just great throughout, imo.

    • Thanks for that write up! I’ve meant to give the manga a try, and it sounds like it is the stronger version of the story based on the differences you note. I’ll definitely have to try and dive into it next year.

      • Hope you have fun! Speaking of, this reminds me that the OVA’s in particular really amped up the ecchi. The Gym chapter (the one skipped by the anime to end on Lala), is one of the lightest in the series, but the OVA of it is pervier than most of the anime.

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