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My Hero Academia Season 2:

Original Air Dates: April 1st, 2017 – ???

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Synopsis: U.A. had been attacked by the League of Villains, hoping to crush All Might, the world’s symbol of peace. But with Midoriya and everyone’s help, All Might fought back and won. In the aftermath of those events, life has returned to normal and with school back in succession the Sports Festival is on the rise. But the league of villains hasn’t been entirely defeated and as All Might’s powers continue to wither, it seems like villainy remains on the horizon. What lies in store for Midoriya as he continues on the path to becoming a hero?

1st Episode Review (Warning: Some Spoilers to Follow):

Tom: My Hero Academia spends quite a bit of time reintroducing the audience not only to its narrative, but also it’s expanded cast, either through brief comments on the events of the previous season, getting multiple characters takes on their encounter with the League of Villains, or through their burgeoning hype for the upcoming sports festival. One character, often under utilized last season, Uraraka, seems to be getting quite a bit more focus this time around.

Linny: Ochaka Uraraka receives a fair amount of back story and character development thanks to a brief conversation between her, Midoriya and Iida about her reasons for wanting to become a hero. It’s a well done reveal that is sure to end up making her even more popular and adorable to the audience.

Someone’s been watching Yuri on Ice.

Tom: Season 2 takes a more lengthy approach to reengaging audiences than Attack on Titan’s return, which is surprising seeing as My Hero Academia wasn’t off the air for four years. We open with a brief synopsis of Academia’s world, before flashing to an anime only interpretation of what Midoriya will be like when he finally becomes the world’s greatest hero. From there the episode finds a narrative excuse to provide a monologue recap of last season’s ultimate events. How well you take to these five minutes will depend on how eager you are to see this season catapult forward from the aftermath of the last. And in that regard this episode could be disappointing as it’s all set up and no action. This premiere introduces the concept that’ll potentially guide most of this new twenty-four episode run, namely the sports festival, and offers little else besides discussion of All Might’s failing condition and reminding us of the potential danger the League of Villains poses.

Linny: The first half of the episode dishes out a heavy amount of recap alongside the faculty and students of U.A. dealing with the aftermath and implications of the villains’ attack from last season. The mood is heavy and dismal, but as the episode then builds up to its next arc, the atmosphere lightens, it becomes goofy and comedic. The kids are soon completely immersed in dreams of how to be scouted by the leading hero agencies so they can have a bright and prosperous future as a champion of justice. All of the doom and gloom from the episode’s opening seems completely forgotten, making for a potential imbalance that could throw viewers for a loop.

Tom: With this season rumored to span two-cours for a total of twenty-six episodes it’s hard to know exactly how far the series will get. Based on the pacing of this first episode alone it’s likely the Sports Festival will take up most of the season, with only enough time for one of the manga’s shorter arcs to close out this second run. Make no mistake, what’s here is engaging and interesting, but if you’re dying to get to the action My Hero Academia is as slow and methodical as ever, preferring to gradually explore its characters and world, rather that catapult the story forward.

He makes a valid point.

Linny: The detailed recap we get at the start of Season 2’s premiere might frustrate fans who still have all the events fresh in their mind and do not see the need for such a detailed recount. It seems excessive but the episode doesn’t linger on it for too long. The later half of the episode promises a fun filled arc which could be a nice change from last season’s more serious finale and should please fans who enjoy the sillier side of My Hero Academia.

Tom: My Hero Academia Season 2 is a true sequel to the first season, and anyone a bit bored with the pacing then is likely to be bored now. I don’t think it’s a flaw so much with the anime, but the manga’s content itself. But for those who don’t mind My Hero Academia’s slower build and focus on character rather than plot will find everything is back and enjoyable just as it was in Season 1.

“Recommended: My Hero Academia Season 2 continues the same heart-warming, emotionally impactful tale of Midoriya’s rise as a hero told with the same pacing and flow as Season 1.”

“Recommended: Season 2 starts on a comedic note which should appeal to fans who enjoyed the show’s mix of action and superhero antics.”











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