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MY love STORY!! – Anime Review

Synopsis: Takeo Goda is a giant guy with a giant heart. Too bad the girls don’t want him! (They always go for his good-looking best friend, Sunakawa.) Used to being on the sidelines, Takeo simply stands tall and accepts his fate. But one day when he saves a girl named Yamato from a harasser on the train, his (love!) life suddenly takes an incredible turn! Takeo can hardly believe it when he crosses paths with Yamato again, and he finds himself falling in love with her… But with handsome Sunakawa around, does Takeo even stand a chance? (Official Crunchyroll Synopsis.)

Look at all his adoraing fangirls….I mean fanboys.

Review (Warning: Minor Spoilers to Follow):

Linny: MY love STORY!! has to be the most innocent and pure title amongst romance anime. It portrays the agonies and victories of first love in a mesmerizing style that is sure to melt hearts. And best of all, unlike the majority of other romantic shows, MY love STORY!! does not drag out the “will they or won’t they” part either, answering that question faster than most others. I think the show handles its subject matter very well, including unrequited love, jealousy and platonic love. The show has a lot of heart and treats all of its characters with care, showing their personal struggles, happiness and thus, making them dear to the viewers as you feel just as involved and engaged in their trials and tribulations.

Especially ones that ugly-cry!

Tom:As Linny said it never once becomes a “will they or won’t they,” removing that drama from the equation, but replacing it with a more pure, innocent, and adorable affair. Instead of keeping all the focus and drama on our couple, the show periodically distracts with additional couples, family drama, or school events. You’re not watching two innocently inept individuals struggle to discover love, you’re watching two innocently inept individuals walk through their first love together. It helps that Takeo is a rather unique lead for this kind of romance series, who feels far more like a character out of a shonen than some pretty boy the girls are always fawning over.

Linny: Takeo alone could be the sole reason I would recommend this show to all the guys I know. An overpowered shonen hero blushing and stumbling through his first relationship is both sweet and hilarious. Takeo and his family, along with their interaction with other people, are a nonstop source of laughter, and endearing to boot. The supporting characters are also all equally entertaining and poignant. Each have their own charms. Even if you’re someone who’s always flinched hearing the word “shoujo”, do pick this show up if you’re looking for a comedy filled with endearing moments and characters. And those wanting to watch a shoujo with their significant other, or an otherwise reluctant friend, try this, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!!

So cute and sweet, you’re going to need an insulin shot.

Tom: MY love STORY!! stays strong throughout its entire run, never faltering and rarely wavering in quality. I only have a handful of gripes. Firstly, notes pop up quite frequently on the screen, aside speech “bubbles” for the characters, making minor quips about events that ultimately don’t affect the flow of the conversation. These can be terribly amusing, but they sometimes disappear almost as quickly as they appear, making them a devil to read and something that was definitely far more suited to the manga format. My other gripe with MY love STORY!! is its finale. While it remains focused on Takeo, and his struggles to come to terms with his feelings of inadequacy for his girlfriend, it feels a bit weak in the tension aspect. The basis of the story hinders on another man falling for Rinko, but because we know these two will never ever break up it lacks any true tension. But these are small quibbles, as even the finale ends with such an incredibly perfect conclusion that it may never need a follow up. It certainly could have one, as there’s more content from the manga to adapt, but our characters end on such a perfect note that it puts many other anime adaptations to shame.

Linny: A minor potential quip I would like to address is the design choice applied to Takeo and his family where they are given comically thick lips and bulky body frames. These designs might remind some of more antiquated anime designs often associated as culturally insensitive (I actually have a friend who watched the whole show yet couldn’t stop commenting with annoyance at the thick lipped designs). Personally, I do not think their appearances were meant to be offensive and definitely not an attempt to mock anyone racially, as Takeo is clearly shown and meant to be Japanese, but I also wanted to point out that if you’re like my friend, you may be annoyed by the aforementioned fact. Moving on, despite all its innovative ideas and approach, MY love STORY!! is still a shoujo and at the end of the day it still has a lot of the sappy and romantic tropes that could turn off the haters or those tired of the cliches.

Now kiss!!!!

Tom: If you end up getting hooked on MY love STORY!! know that the Manga has concluded, but still has a hefty amount of content left for fans dying for more. There’s always more of Rinko and Takeo should you be in need of more adorably dense romance. I’ll be recommending the series for doing so much right, and reinvigorating the romance anime genre that has either been stagnating, or falling deeper and deeper into the harem subgenre. MY love STORY!! is truly a breath of fresh air.

Linny: MY love STORY!! is simple and free of drama, full of happiness and moments that will make you fall in love with the cast. Yes, its simple plot means the story will be predictable and often saccharine sweet but for those who want a tender and adorable romance, MY love STORY!! is sure to brighten up your day.

Recommended: MY love STORY!! offers wonderful, endearing characters in a love story that feels fresh, fun and down to Earth.

Recommended: MY love STORY!! offers a sweet story filled with equally sweet characters, made to melt the hearts of romantics and tickle your funny bone.














MY love STORY!! is available for streaming via Crunchyroll, HIDIVE, Hulu and Yahoo.

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