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Synopsis: Yuu Nagami, a high school student aiming to become a light novel author has a little sister named Suzuka. Suzuka is an excellent student with good grades and great looks, but she’s very cold toward her older brother. Every year Yuu keeps failing at the preliminary rounds of the light novel contest, but one day Suzuka reveals a shocking truth. The flirty sibling romantic comedy that Suzuka wrote has won the light novel contest! To make matters worse, Suzuka doesn’t understand anything about light novels or moe so she begs Yuu to stand in for her under her pen-name, Towano Chikai! (Official Crunchyroll Synopsis)

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: the anime?

1st Episode Review (Warning: Minor Spoilers to Follow):

Tom: My Sister, My Writer is immediately comparable to two other anime from the last couple years. Like 2017’s “A Sister is all You Need” My Sister, My Writer opens deceptively, taking the fantasies of Yuu Nagami, an army of attractive ‘little sisters’ and parading them before him with all their ‘adorable’ charm. But the series isn’t about that, and quickly defines itself as something more in line with Eromanga-sensei: Focused on the secret love and affection Yuu Nagami and his seemingly cold sister, Suzuka, have for one another. But what’s here, even compared to the divisive Eromanga-sensei, feels entirely half-baked. The entire concept hinges on the idea of Yuu Nagami having to pretend to be the writer his sister actually is. Yuu is an aspiring Light Novel author himself, but the series does little interesting with that part of his character. The young man’s been trying for years to become a Light Novel author, and yet when his sister accomplishes that he appears to feel little, if any, real jealousy. One starts to wonder if this story even needs him to be an aspiring author, couldn’t it work just the same as if he was merely a huge Light Novel fan? That’s where you start to see that My Sister, My Writer isn’t nearly as clever as it believes itself to be.

Linny: There’s a lot more generic content to rip apart. First off, the designs of the characters look as lazy as can be and the animation is often little more than barely passable.It becomes clear very early on that this is going to be a harem with women of every size and shape quickly popping up, from the busty and sexually uninhibited editor who grabs Yuu’s hand and makes him feel her up for authentic writing material to (what I consider the WORST trope) his bookstore co-worker who is 20+ years old but looks like she’s still a good couple years off from puberty. And of course, as if it wasn’t already generic and predictable enough, Suzuka starts off as the cold but perfect little sister, but is then revealed to be harboring an intense crush on her older brother… who is COMPLETELY oblivious to it even with clues hitting him left, right and center. What makes all of this generic content all the more frustrating is that My Sister, My Writer brings up the matter of generic content like it’s aware of how flawed and bland generic content is, yet injects as many cliches and tropes as it can into itself, making that dig at generic content come off as either narcissistic or idiotic, or maybe both.

All for ‘research’ sake. No funny business here.

Tom: The ho-hum animation only rises to the occasion when a pair of breasts jiggle here, or a nip slip happens there (all censored for broadcast of course). Everything else looks janky, or just passable at best. The frustrating thing about My Sister, My Writer is that the basic concept has potential. A Light Novel fan/aspiring author forced to play pretend to keep his sister’s identity a secret? That works and leaves room for plenty of comedy. But the execution here is terrible, and the sister/brotherly pseudo-insistent love angle is entirely unnecessary and only further damages the awkward parade of cliches My Sister, My Writer offers up. Another easy pass for the Fall season.

Linny: My Sister, My Writer is yet another train wreck of a show with its low animation, parade of cliches, and borderline creepy fan service (such as an up skirt panty shot of the deceptively aged bookstore coworker, and the infamous sibling ‘affection’). Even if you are a fan of the tropes and flaws I just listed, the show does a horrible job of executing them and won’t make it worth your while. It’s another anime most fans should be able to skip without a second thought and I’d recommend you do so too and save yourself from suffering.

Not Recommended: My Sister, My Writer is a parade of cliches, taking a premise with potential and draping it in the most banal of elements, characters, and comedy.

Not Recommended: My Sister, My Writer is rife with bad writing, tired tropes and poor animation making it best left off your watch list.













My Sister, My Writer is available for streaming via Crunchyroll.

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