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Original Air Dates: October 5th, 2016 – ???

A cute girl who’s ALSO a nerd?? IMPOSSIBLE!!

Synopsis: Tokine Ami is the secretary of the CEO of the advertising agency TEN2. She’s super excited because the clients arriving today are from a terribly famous anime company! But as Tokine finishes preparing the meeting room she suddenly finds herself enveloped in a bright light and spirited away to a bizarre new world without land or sky. There a monster appears, puts Tokine in a revealing outfit and tells her she can’t leave until she solve the puzzles! Tokine doesn’t really understand, but decides she’ll solve a few puzzles first and think about it later!

1st Episode Review (Warning: Some Spoilers to Follow):

Linny: Nazotokine screams of ‘classic low budget short’ with less than impressive and basic character designs/movements and a weird mix of poor CGI thrown in randomly. It is amusing however, when they make sure to animate boobs jiggling during a transformation scene making the show’s priorities clear. There’s absolutely no question about Nazotokine wanting to be some sort of fantasy fulfillment/waifu-pandering material as it sells its protagonist hard. Most of the episode is dedicated to telling us how amazing Tokine is and give you a good look at her assets when she transforms into her tight and revealing outfit.

Oh! So this is a magical girl show?

Tom: Nazotokine has perhaps the most basic, rudementary and unimpressive animation of any show this season. Characters barely move outside of their lip flaps, CGI is used to animate doors, and the entire show is depicted in tight shots so as to hide just how incredibly bare bones the entire production is. This is studio Tengu Kobou’s first official effort, and I hate to say it, but I don’t think they were ready.

Linny: Episode one is pure set up. So far, we have zero idea of what kind of riddles and puzzles she will be facing, but based off her costume change, one would assume that maybe it involves her being in human sized puzzles that she has to physically work her way through.

Tom: Nazotokine fails to impress in any way. We have zero idea what we might get week to week and what we saw here didn’t inspire confidence. It doesn’t help that Tokine herself is little more than waifu bait. She’s a huge anime and Tokusatsu nerd, has a plentiful rack and generally goes along with her clothes getting transformed into a fan servicey outfit. She’s a nerd’s wet dream but it’s so painfully obvious that’s what she’s been designed to be that it takes any of the fun out of the scenario.

Craving other’s auras is what creates super villains.

Linny: Finding waifus is a given in most anime but Nazotokine takes the cake for how belligerently it sells its main character to the viewers. Everyone in Tokine’s office exists solely for the sake of fawning over her or singing her praise like it’s the highlight of their daily lives. The show seems rather fixated on looks as Tokine herself describes her female coworkers and friends as being glamorous and having great figures. Though she might have done that because the minimalistic art quality sure doesn’t give the viewers any visual evidence of that.

Tom: Nazotokine doesn’t offer much. The animation is limited, the characters are shallow, the concept is underutilized, etc. There isn’t really anything redeeming about it. I think it’s safe to say Nazotokine is something best skipped.

Linny: At first glance of its synopsis, Nazotokine sounded like something that might be clever and intelligent, offering up engaging and entertaining puzzles or riddles for the viewer to solve along with the characters and give their brain a work out. Unfortunately, this first episode is so pandering that it feels almost insulting, like the show is telling you to fall in love with its main character so blatantly. With its low budget animation, and lack of anything especially praise worthy, Nazotokine sounds like a safe skip this season… unless you’re mainly in it for the puzzles, or the marketing worked and you’ve fallen for Tokine.

Tom Not Recommend Badge

“Not Recommended: Nazotokine has no redeeming qualities, save for its obvious Otaku pandering, and even that’s a stretch.”

Linny Not Recommend Badge

“Not Recommended: Cheap animation and an aggressively otaku pandering female protagonist marks a disappointing start for Nazotokine.”











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