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Ninja Girl & Samurai Master – Mid Series Review

Ninja Girl & Samurai Master:

Original Air Dates: October 4th, 2016 – ???

Not the brightest summary once you see the kid’s actually drowning.

Synopsis: 1555: The Warring States Period of Japan. One young man holds a big dream, and that young man, known as an empty-headed fool, is Oda Nobunaga. Nobunaga dreams of unifying Japan under his military might, and he’s aided by one air-headed young girl, Chidori, who becomes his personal Ninja. Along with other characters like errand boy Hideyoshi, Tsundere Nene, and Straight Man Mitsuhide it’s time for the comical take on Japan’s most famous period in history to begin!

Mid Series (13 Episodes) Review (Warning: Some Spoilers to Follow):

Linny: Ninja Girl is a fun romp through Japan’s history, specifically the era of Oda Nobunaga. It takes some real life historical figures and mixes them with some fictional characters to deliver laughter and mirth. It isn’t for the purist however, as the show often takes famous characteristics of a person from history and hyper exaggerates them for the sake of humour..and while it can be rather funny, sometimes the execution feels a bit too exaggerated and silly.

Someone’s clearly been watching too much Naruto.

Tom: There’s a narrative through line here as we chart Nobunaga’s rise to power and gradual unification of Japan through conquest and strategy, but otherwise the show is really just wall to wall gags, constantly injecting humor into one of Japan’s most famous periods in history. There’s a lot of charm here, from the quirky characters to the series’ beautiful visuals, but some aspects of this work are bound to be lost on audiences unfamiliar with Japanese history.

Linny: The humour itself is simple, often childish and immature with a poop related joke early on. Overall, while the show isn’t brimming with intelligence, it does manage to avoid being so juvenile that it loses all appeal for older audiences. Chidori and the rest of the cast recreate Oda’s rise to power with a humourous twist and it is done in such a manner than audiences of all ages should be chuckling at a joke or two.

I see hygiene isn’t paramount to him.

Tom: Chidori is adorable and cute, but as the series has gone on, she’s begun to suffer from “dumb female lead” syndrome, sometimes becoming an outright idiot. that can be frustrating for viewers tired of the “cute but stupid” female lead cliche, although it feels like far less of a problem considering near every character in the show is a bumbling buffoon much of the time.

Linny: The show definitely lacks smart and capable female characters but  I am willing to forgive and overlook it because of how a lot of the male characters in the show seem to come off as buffoons themselves. Since the story moves so fast and is only a couple minutes long per episode, the characters most likely won’t be getting any development and might be doomed to their original punchline characteristics.

Let the girl dream.

Tom: It’s hard not to love Ninja Girl & Samurai Master from its adorable artwork, to its quirky, silly characters, the entire thing is adorable. The humor is rarely rip-roaringly amazing, but all of its charm makes up for any deficiencies.

Linny: Ninja Girl is best watched by comedy fans who also like adorable chibi characters. The humour is downright dumb and silly but it’s fun all the same. If you need a quick chuckle and don’t mind the dumb female trope, give this cute show a try.

“Recommended: Charming, adorable and amusing, Ninja Girl & Samurai Master is a short-form anime worth your time, bound to offer a pick me up when you most need it.”

“Recommended: While not flawless or amazing, Ninja Girl is adorable and has plenty of little chuckles to offer its viewers.”












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