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Synopsis: “One day, there’ll be a girl who’ll fall head over heels for me.” Nobunaga was a teacher who was waiting for that kind of dating sim event to happen in real life. One day, a 14 year old girl named Kicho appears in front of him, saying that she’s his wife?! Apparently she came from the Warring States era and seems to have mistaken Nobunaga for the Oda Nobunaga and tells him that she wants to have his children. An age-gap love comedy featuring a teacher with a dating sims brain and a princess with a warring states era brain!! (Official Crunchyroll Synopsis)

When you’re so forever alone that even your students take pity on you.

1st Episode Review (Warning: Minor Spoilers to Follow):

Nobunaga is one of those series that crosses lines. The story focuses on one Oda Nobunaga, but not the famous one. Instead we’re looking as his supposed, modern-day descendant. This Nobunaga is a loser with women, so much so that a female student of his offers to date him once she graduates. The humor already feels a tad skeevy, without even getting to sex gags based around our 14-year old heroine and ‘love interest.’ Perhaps worse though is that the series lacks actual punch. What jokes it has, crossing lines or not, feel devoid of true hilarity, making for a bore of a short-form anime.

It doesn’t help that Nobunaga’s teacher’s young bride (God what a title) isn’t a looker either. One episode in and it already feels like a low-budget cash grab. Without the art to prop things up, the lackluster writing stings even harder. The crux of the series is as the synopsis above suggests. The original Nobunaga’s bride to be, Kicho, appears in modern day, specifically from a broken urn inside the storage shed of the modern Nobunaga household. Kicho is a cute, young thing, and exactly what modern Nobunaga has been hoping for, a young woman whom he can marry. It sounds skeevy as hell, a twenty+ year old teacher with a girl barely 14 years of age, but the series, thankfully, isn’t a total perv fest. While Kochi does indeed strip down, and give audiences an uncomfortably underage show, Nobunaga’s Teacher’s makes it a point to paint Modern Nobunaga as disappointed and disinterested that his ‘bride’ is so young, pulling for a girl much closer to his own age. His family is equally adverse to him doing anything sexual with Kochi, keeping the fan service from going too far.

I’m already dialing the number!

That’s all well and good, save for the need to broadcast Nobunaga’s Teacher’s in both uncensored and censored versions. (although uncensored still covers up Kochi’s nether regions.) While episode one isn’t too risque, save for that one scene, it’s undoubtedly going to dive deeper into ecchi content as we go, even if the series wasn’t advertised as one.

Whatever Nobunaga is, whether an ecchi based rom-com, or something ultimately a little more tame, what’s here feels absolutely bottom of the barrel and an easy pass for the season.

Not Recommended: Nobunaga’s Teacher’s Young Bride is no looker. Mediocre art, poor writing and skeevy comedy make this the bottom of the Spring season’s barrel.



Nobunaga’s teacher’s young bride is available for streaming via Crunchyroll.

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