Nyanko Days – Mid Season Review

Nyanko Days:

Original Air Dates: January 8th, 2017 – ???

If only pets were this helpful with cleaning up their messes irl.

Synopsis: Konagai Tomoko is in her first year of high school, but can’t quite work up the nerve to make any friends. Despite that trouble she has three cute kittens to fall back on at home: the cheerful and lively Munchkin Maa, the smart and responsible Russian Blue Rou, and the crybaby of the trio, Singapura Shii. But Tomoko’s life is destined to change as she becomes friends with Shiratori Azumi, who also loves cats!

Mid Season (6 Episodes) Review (Warning: Some Spoilers to Follow):

Tom: Nyanko Days has, in my opinion, but one true positive: It’s anthropomorphic cats. The designs are so cute, so adorable that they remain the easy high point in this otherwise drab and uninteresting series.

And I thought I was bad at drawing.

Linny: Nyanko Days should really have been released as one single 30 minute long OVA rather than a series of 2-3 minute shorts. It doesn’t have enough content or punchlines to make each 3 minute short leave an impact and more often than not you are left feeling like you were dropped into and then quickly kicked out of a brief and bland section of the story. It just does not have enough humour to work as a short and because of its short length, the tender moments it tries to work into an episode usually fail to land the mark.

Tom: Linny’s absolutely right. Nyanko’s biggest problem is that we’re six episodes in and the narrative has barely moved. It doesn’t help that there’s few jokes in each 2-3 minute episode, failing to make anything watched week to week memorable. With just 3 minutes released a week it makes it almost impossible to form any kind of bond with these girls and cats. As Linny said, this really needed to be a one off special, particularly if the focus is on its slice of life narrative rather than the comedic antics of the cats.

No shouting in indoor public spaces please.

Linny: The title of the show along with its credit sequences would have you believing that the cats are the main stars but so far, there have been A LOT of episodes are centred on their owner’s inability to make friends and her awkward interactions with classmates who seek to befriend her. These episodes are nowhere as good as the episodes focused on cats and are sure to leave the cat loving audience disappointed.

Tom: Episodes are so short I only have the briefest of understandings for any of its characters, assuming I remember even that. Tomoko is the classic shy girl who can’t make friends, which is hammered home every episode. Her cats don’t always show up episode to episode, making it difficult to even remember their one sentence personalities. Because it’s difficult to even recall their most basic  traits you can forget about actually growing attached to anyone.

Ah, anime..where even the cats are tsunderes.

Linny: Nyanko Days does a terrible job of telling its story in part because it feels like it was never meant to be told in minute long bursts. It’s hard to recommend it even to cute and chibi cat character lovers because the cats are often pushed to the background. Maybe the show would have left a better impression had we been able to experience it all in one go, but as it is now, it’s a hard thing to follow on a weekly basis. 

Tom: Nyanko Days’ focus shouldn’t be on its narrative, but rather its comedy, especially if its only offering 23 minutes an episode. But if it really wants to be about its slice of life genre tag and not about the comedy then Nyanko Days is best experienced once everything it offers is released. But seeing as it chose to present itself in weekly 2-3 minute installments, I can’t help but judge it that way. And it just isn’t holding up.

“Not Recommended: Nyanko Days isn’t easily to follow in 2-3 minute weekly segments, making it almost impossible to become attached to its cast.”

“Not Recommended: If you MUST watch this show, wait till the end of the season to experience it all together because it offers nothing substantial in minute long bursts.”











Nyanko Days is available for streaming via Crunchyroll.com.

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