Nyanko Days – Preview

Nyanko Days:

Original Air Dates: January 8th, 2017 – ???

A cat lover’s paradise.

Synopsis: Konagai Tomoko is in her first year of high school, but can’t quite work up the nerve to make any friends. Despite that trouble she has three cute kittens to fall back on at home: the cheerful and lively Munchkin Maa, the smart and responsible Russian Blue Rou, and the crybaby of the trio, Singapura Shii. But Tomoko’s life is destined to change as she becomes friends with Shiratori Azumi, who also loves cats!

1st Episode Review (Warning: Some Spoilers to Follow):

Tom: Nyanko Days is going to be tough to discuss, so let’s get what little we can talk about out of the way. Nyanko Days offers up anthropomorphic cats, designed to look like cute chibi anime characters. They are indeed adorable, easily capturing the viewers’ attention the minute they appear on screen.

Linny: As anthropomorphic cats go, they are most definitely adorable and even have a to the point introduction so you know what breed each one is supposed to be.

Does nobody care about the wipe-out happening in the back?

Tom: Outside of basic introductions for the cats and Tomoko herself, there’s not much– no, actually, that’s literally it. We get the basic story of Tomoko’s troubled school life where she has no friends, and an introduction to her cute anthropomorphic kittens. There’s nothing else in this first episode, not even for the friend we read about in the synopsis, as the whole thing is no more than two minutes in length.

Linny: The short length of the episode makes this preview pretty pointless to be honest. It is a short in the truest sense and with the first episode giving us only basic information, it’s hard to decide if this show has promise or not.

Tom: Outside of a basic understanding that Nyanko Days shall follow the daily lives of Tomoko and her cats– there’s nothing else to latch onto. There’s no jokes, no story, no nothing besides the brief introductions. It’s based on a 4-koma, which explains the short run time, as is typical for most adaptations of comic strip like manga, but it’s just too darn short to get a good feel for. We needed some gags, some introduction to the type of comedy we can expect from this and– there’s nothing.

Are we supposed to just ignore what looks like a passed out cat too?

Linny: If you love cats and cute anthropomorphized characters, Nyanko could possibly have something to offer you. Unfortunately, its first episode doesn’t really give you a taste of what to expect so I think this show would be best watched at the end of the season thanks to its minute long episode lengths.

Tom: It’s tough to come up with some kind of verdict here. Nyanko Days offers almost nothing to base an opinion on. I’m cautiously optimistic, as far as short-form anime go, but this might be something to hold off on until there’s more content to really see what it’s going to offer with the concept in the long run.

“Take it or Leave it: Nyanko Days is so short that we barely have time to introduce the characters, let alone the plot or comedy.”

“Take it or Leave it: A super short, literally introductory premiere makes Nyanko Days best tried as a binge for the end of the season.”











Nyanko Days is available for streaming via Crunchyroll.com.

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