O Maidens in Your Savage Season – Anime Preview

Synopsis: When the girls in a high school literature club ask themselves, “What do you want to do before you die?” one of them voices a shocking ambition — and now they’re all preoccupied by their friend’s unexpected answer! (Official HIDIVE Synopsis)

More like they’re just plain terrified of being mowed down by her.

1st Episode Review (Warning: Minor Spoilers to Follow):

Linny: As someone who’s adored this series as a manga, O Maidens’ anime adaptation perfectly encapsulates the curiosity and reaction to budding sexuality through the perspective of several young girls. The show features a nice mix of personalities among its female cast, offering up different story lines and perspectives all while feeling cohesive and engaging. Sexuality is often used for fan service or gags in manga and anime but O Maidens seeks to present a down to earth story, one that might even help break down the barriers, taboo and mysteries surrounding the topic for those hitting puberty or caught in the midst of it.

Tom: O Maidens starts slow. Initially it feels much more so like a drama, than a comedy, built upon the burgeoning sexuality of teenage girls. Jokes are peppered in at first, but the episode gradually builds to one fantastic and awkward scene that’ll be the make or break moment for you. Assuming it works for you, O Maidens ends its first episode on an incredible high, perfectly capturing the frustration of the teenage sexual awakening in both a comedic and dramatic fashion.

Welcome to adolescence and hormones!

Linny: To some degree, the series also addresses bonds of friendship and some of the angst and drama that come with hitting your teen years, specifically through Kazusa Onodera, who not only struggles with being exceedingly average but also having to deal with being childhood friends with a now popular boy and the jealous attention that earns her.

Once again, welcome to adolescence and hormones.

Tom: O Maidens is the latest in a recent trend of anime focused on the girl’s perspective in teenage sex comedy. It’s a welcome shift, and feels fresh thanks to a different than usual perspective for the teen romantic comedy. That said, if you’re hoping for more than sex based humor you’re out of luck. So much of the show’s through line is that push and pull the girl’s feel in their eagerness and embarrassment towards sex that it really doesn’t offer anything else. It’s not so much that the show is one note, but it is entirely steeped in its theme. Assuming you’re comfortable with a woman’s burgeoning sexuality O Maidens seems poised to please, its slow build to the absurd a perfect way to impress audiences this Summer season.

Linny: Also, if you are someone who demands flawless art, you might be a bit disappointed as there are a handful of shots in this first episode that look bland. O Maidens employs a muted pastel aesthetic that causes the show to look a bit washed out but on the other hand also lends it an airy and dreamy vibe. If you’re curious to learn about discovering sexuality and attraction through the female perspective, O Maidens is ready to deliver on it. Its humour is restrained and its treatment of its character is respectful and realistic making for a show that’s sure to engage anyone seeking something a little different but steeped in realism.

Recommended: O Maidens in Your Savage Season is slow at first, more a drama than a comedy, until it impresses with a wonderful awkward and comedic scene to cap off its start.

Recommended: O Maidens in Your Savage Season offers a rare, realistic and respectful look at puberty and attraction through an all female cast.














O Maidens in Your Savage Season is available for streaming via HIDIVE.

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