One-Punch Man 62.2-64 – Review

One-Punch Man:

Chapters 62.2-64 – Review

Reviewed by: Tom

Synopsis: Saitama one day decided to abandon chasing the life of a salary man and instead work towards becoming a hero. Years later he grew so strong that there’s no villain that can stand against him, for he finishes every single fight with just. one. punch!

(Warning: Spoilers to Follow)

Monsters have begun showing up across the globe, causing all sorts of havoc. As the situation worsens, and the monsters assault each city by storm, where are Genos or Saitama? At a Martial Arts Tournament of course! Will Saitama finally find a challenge?


Chapter 62.2:

Genos continues to square off against Roach Awakening, but it’s not looking good at all. Roach is just too fast for him. Genos realizes he’s in a bind, and he just can’t keep up. He has no choice but to use a piece of equipment that he never wanted to have to resort to. The art is, of course, great as usual, and it’s a blast watching the two duke it out.

Someone get me a tankard of insecticide.

Roach gets tired of Genos and seemingly runs off to find other heroes to kill. But it’s a ploy and he comes at Genos from behind to finish him off. However Roach gets stuck in his tracks. As it turns out Genos was installed with super-strength adhesive, used for dealing with sudden Ninja Attacks, although he feels weak having to rely on it. Genos then blasts Roach with a powerful incinerate attack, although Roach gets away in time by sacrificing his legs. It’s about here I’ve realized one thing missing from One-Punch Man of late has been its humor. A lot of this new content, which is reworked from the web comic, or entirely new on its own, feels like serious, classic shonen. Perhaps its just the lack of Saitama’s inclusion lately, in an effort to expand this story line, but even now it’s starting to drag. I didn’t like how long the tournament arc was running, especially as it spent all that time introducing characters we then barely saw do anything, and even now, while the art is incredible, the plot feels like it’s really getting strung out.

Genos is about to call it quits and return to the martial arts tournament when he feels something approaching at high speed, before he can react to, whatever it is, it attacks. It’s a solid cut away and while I do feel the story is a tad weak these days, it still has moments like this that keep me reading. That epic quality is engaging, so don’t think I feel like One-Punch Man has suddenly gone off the deep end. But I do feel its missing that special magic that made the series so perfect at its inception.


Snapping over to Super S and Blizzard’s battle things are going very bad. Blizzard’s lackeys have all fallen under Super S’ spell and are ganging up on her! Blizzard is reminded of the criticisms Saitama gave her and while that gives her a passion to survive, she can’t possibly freeze her minions and Super S at the same time. She’s overwhelmed and Super S finally strikes Blizzard with her whip.

Chapter 63:

Blizzard’s minions close in to pummel her, but Super S demands they step back, as with a touch of her whip Blizzard should now be her minion. But it isn’t so. As Blizzard attacks Super S again, catching her off guard with a powerful blizzard/tornado attack.

Whatever that thing on the ground is, keep it 200 million miles away from me.

Super S is damaged, but pissed and had been planning on using Blizzard as bate for her sister, but now just feels like killing her instead. But Blizzard points out that her sister is on the way anyway.

In fact a terrible shaking then begins and would you know it Tornado comes blazing through, having sensed the damage to her sister. The city is leveled around them and Tornado appears in the now clear skyline. Blizzard points out she still hasn’t lost yet, but Tornado tells her to go home and she’ll clean up the mess.

Ah I see we’re paying homage to the original art.

Super S has Blizzard’s mind controlled minions attack as she escapes, but Tornado easily subdues them. In the aftermath Tornado berates Blizzard for hanging with such a weak crowd, leaving the girl stunned and disappointed in herself. This chapter elevates this arc a little bit, providing character development for Blizzard and making things feel a bit more than just the same old, same old shonen. It’s still no real replacement for Saitama though, who I think most people read the series for. I think it’s getting pretty close to time to bring him back into the plot.

Chapter 64:

Coming back to the tournament, we begin with a flashback to the Snek’s past, his rise, his fall and now he’s begun to question whether pro heroes are even necessary. He battles it out with Suiryu in the ring, who dodges each and everyone one of his attacks. Suiryu isn’t much impressed with him, and Snek asks why Suiryu is possibly so strong when he lacks ambition. I don’t much like this first two thirds of the chapter as we delve into ideology about heroes, which reminds me a lot more of One’s Mob Psycho 100 writing, than say, One-Punch Man, which is normally much more tongue in cheek. It feels in some ways like we’ve lost the plot, or the ideas that made One-Punch Man so good in the first place.

Buddy I know you’re hungry but you might need a diet and some exercise first.

Snek doesn’t like his answer, and detests Suiryu natural strength and aptitude for combat. But Suiryu turns it around asking why a wimp like him is a hero. There are so many monsters a nothing like him barely makes a difference. This again angers Snek, who then asks if he should just let people die. But to Suiryu it changes nothing.

Elsewhere Mask’s concert is attack by monsters, injured heroes rush to evacuate hospitals and a prison is also attacked. Suiryu summarizes that ultimately the strong would survive anyway. Suiryu then delivers a final kick and finishes off Snek.

Elsewhere, in the bowels the monsters report to their leader. The world is in a state of panic, Genos, Metal and Metal Knight have all been crushed. And the Monster Association is on the brink of victory. We finally get our glimpse of the king pin behind it all, Monster King Orochi. This last part here sucks be back in. We meet the big bad, we see how badly things are going for our heroes, and there’s little teases just before of Saitama on the toilet, giving me hope that we’re just a tiny bit away from pulling our two plot lines back around together.

Does this insinuate that Saitama has ‘strong’ poops? What would that even mean?

As it stands I feel One-Punch Man isn’t really all it could be over these last few chapters. The series is at its best when Saitama’s nonchalance and uninterested attitude collides with its more epic qualities. But when we’re balls to the wall epic back to back the series starts to drag, and with it’s lax release schedule it’s beginning to feel a bit draining, probably it part because it takes so long to progress the story, with maybe one chapter a month at best. We need an injection of the series tried and true comedy, some more mocking of the shonen genre, otherwise I feel like I’m not getting much more than the usual shonen fair.

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One-Punch Man is published weekly in Shonen Jump. Chapters 41-47 will be available in Volume 9 coming out November 1st, 2016. Chapters discussed today (61-62) will be released in Volume 11, coming out sometime next year.

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