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Ooya-san wa Shishunki! – Review

Ooya-san wa Shishunki!:

Original Air Dates: Jan 10th, 2015 – March 27th, 2016

Our thoughts every time we sat down for an episode.

Synopsis: Maeda is your typical adolescent male, constantly daydreaming about the cute girls around him. When he moves out on his own to a new apartment complex he discovers his landlord is not some burly old man, or some eccentric old lady, but instead a cute little girl named, Chie! Together with his neighbor Reiko, the two of them can’t help but marvel and swoon at how adorable their little landlord is, or how silly and oblivious she can be.

Review (Warning: Some Spoilers to Follow):

Linny: Let’s be honest people, Maeda is a controversial character for the general western sensibility. He gets extremely excited to find out about his underage landlord and repeatedly makes comments or behaves in a manner that would have western audiences shaking their heads in disbelief and displeasure. But before you run for the hills screaming, you need to know that even though the show repeatedly flirts with crossing the line, it actually is rather tame compared to what folks may expect based on the title (Which literally translates as “My Landlord is in Puberty!”) and premise of the show. Yes, there are uncomfortable sentences and sequences to be found, but it never turns flat out perverted or sexual. And that’s even counting an episode all about boobs and another about a trip to the public bathhouse.

Tom: Maeda comes off as a real creep in the early episodes, making comments that beg the audience to have child services on speed dial. But as Ooya-san continues, Maeda tones down, becoming much more normal a young man and his fascination with Chie begins to come more into line with socially acceptable expectations. The busty blonde of the series, Reiko, is a bit obnoxious with her constant ‘cute-gasms’ over Chie, but overall she’s initially less creepy than Maeda, who, again, becomes much less concerning as Ooya-san goes forward.

A for effort, F for everything else.

Linny: Reiko (however annoying she may be with her cute-gasms), and Chie’s classmates, act as nice and welcome buffers in the earlier episodes where their presence either is a guard against Maeda’s creepy thoughts or result in the non-inclusion of Maeda in the episode itself. Chie herself is your generic adorable and awkward middle school girl,drawn and composed just enough to appeal to fans of moe characters, so moe fans, rejoice!

Tom: Ooya-san, overall is simple and honestly kinda cute with its depiction of Chie and her slightly bumbling ways as a young landlord. It’s also fairly easy to marathon Ooya-san, at just two minutes an episode you’ll finish the entire show in just over twenty minutes. But, the comedy provided doesn’t seem entirely worth your time. Ooya is charming, and may provide some brief appeal for moe fans, but its honestly all pretty forgettable.

Linny: There are some chuckles and guffaws hidden throughout but they lack the impact to make the show a must watch. Considering its risky theme, the jokes are not as sexual or inappropriate as you might fear. Often, they are based on the innocence or misled presumptions of the cast. The show never gets offensively risque with its younger characters and even handles the topics of breasts in a surprisingly mature tone, even when it’s milking it for laughs (Pun unintended).

Did this just turn into a bishonen show?

Tom: Perhaps surprisingly, Ooya-san works, at least for the first couple episodes, when viewed as an entirely different genre: Comedy/Thriller. With Maeda straddling the line of inappropriate behavior, it’s an edge of your seat watch to see if poor Chie is in for some dark developments. Thankfully, or sadly, depending on your P.O.V, Ooya-san strays from this and the series becomes a virtually harmless slice of life. The show does, briefly, tease the audience on the darker implications of Ooya-san’s title, knowing full well that “My Landlord is in Puberty” has some disturbing interpretations. Overall the show is charming and innocent, but rarely provides any real laughs.

Linny: Overall, the show is simple and clean, both in visuals and story. There’s nothing outstanding about it, blending into the sea of short, moe comedy anime. It’s average and cutesy, and something moe fans should be able to devour in a matter of minutes for some quick entertainment

Tom: The show uses a different style of animation for its opening, a sort of pastelle water color effect making it easy on the eyes. Outside of that though, the show has fairly generic animation typical of a short, low budget anime. Also, it thankfully avoids any “colorful” shots of little Chie, so you can rest easy, there’s no loli-pandering here.

What shopping at some conventions can feel like.

Linny: Ooya-san is a harmless show, from its short runtime to its tamer-than-feared content. It’s never offensive but it’s never brilliant either. Either way, you are going to get what you’ve expected from other similar short shows so there are no hidden surprises or gems here. Chie should be a moe magnet but there’s not much to be missed if she’s not enough to win you over.

Tom: Ooya-san is based off a four-panel (4-koma) manga (much like our American comic strips in the newspaper) that, unfortunately for fans, hasn’t been localized. The anime also has some brief, blink and you’ll miss it, guest appearances by Komari-san, from Komari-san Can’t Decline. Overall Ooya-san is ultimately inoffensive, and perhaps charming for people particularly interested in moe-type content. But for average viewers its hard to recommended, watching won’t be a waste of time, but there are better anime shorts, like Tonari no Seki-kun, that’ll provide a more reliable form of entertainment.

Linny TiolI Art Badge

“Take it Or Leave it: Just your average run of the mill 2 minute moe show. If you’re a fan of them already, you’ll enjoy this. If not, this won’t change your mind.”

Tom TiolI Art Badge

“Take it Or Leave It: Ooya-san remains largely inoffensive, despite its title, but there just isn’t enough here to make it worth recommending. You won’t be wasting your time watching it however.”














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