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Ozmafia!! – Preview


Original Air Dates: Jul 6, 2016 to ???

You’re an anime protagonist. You’ll be just fine.

Synopsis: A young girl named Fuka has lost her memories. She wanders the unfamiliar town she’s found herself in and realizes she’s being chased by someone. The Oz Family, a local mafia syndicate, saves her. Fuka must now discover who is friend or foe in this town of friendship and conflict. But also why has she lost her memories? And also….

Why did I bother telling you any of this? While the Ozmafia!! Otome game may have been about this none of that would fit into the short-form anime format! So instead Ozmafia is now a school story!

Scarlet has just transfered to Oz Academy but finds he’s already in trouble! The three boys who save him are Caramia, Kyrie, and Axel. They’re his new classmates.


1st Episode Review (Warning: Some Spoilers to Follow):

Linny: Here we go down the routine and generic short form show formula again. We get basic animation that’s clearly the product of a small budget. The thing that perplexes me the most though is when you read the original synopsis for the original Ozmafia!!, this show seems to be a completely different entity that just happens to share the same name. Having never seen the original , all I have to go on is the summary and admit that I have literally no idea what to expect story and character wise even after watching its first episode.

Tom: Ozmafia!! is colorful, keeping everything feeling eye popping and fun to look at– save for all the stilted animation. Over the course of its short four minute run time it becomes painfully clear that Ozmafia doesn’t have much of a budget. Characters stay near perfectly still while talking and outside of a couple shots they generally don’t move around a whole lot anyway.

Your lips say teacher, your face says fellow student.

Linny: All the characters are drawn in a chibi like style which made it really confusing when three guys/boys introduce themselves as teachers later in the episode. If they are truly meant to be mature adults, I am going to have a hard time telling the ages of anyone in this show.

Tom: We don’t really get a whole lot in this episode, surprisingly there’s less to talk about than other four minutes series, which are already hard enough to get a handle on in the first place. Here we’re introduced to the entire cast, but it’s mostly just formalities with names and maybe a brief glimpse into their primary character trait. Like Scarlet is easily scared and jumpy, where as the boy who attacks him, Caesar, is quick to judge and outrageous. It’s not a lot to go on and first episodes need to hook you. It’s easy to see Ozmafia is struggling with that concept.

Linny: It’s a given that most short form anime often feel rushed and chaotic because of how much they try to fit into each episode’s brief run time. Limited to less than 5 minutes means you have to get creative but in the case of Ozmafia!! what we got was even more chaotic and rushed than usual. The end result is a first episode that leaves you feeling like Jon Snow. (For those who have been living under a rock, “you know nothing”).

A scene that could have been plucked out from an episode of Anne Happy.

Tom: From what little we’ve been able to gather, the plot is super duper simple: This group of formally otome game characters are now mere school students and we’ll be watching them go about their ‘average’ daily lives. How that will play out isn’t immediately obvious from this first episode, outside of its whimsical and silly tone. Are their adventures going to be extraordinary or painfully dull and generic? It’s impossible to say as this episode doesn’t do a good job of providing the audience with an idea as to what kind of series it wants to be.

Linny: Thanks to its weak storytelling and complete change from the source material, I cannot even be sure if fans of the game will enjoy this show. Especially since the characters all look like they should be in grade school. The only recommendation I can give is that maybe you’ll enjoy this show if you find chibi characters adorable to look at.

Tom: Ozmafia!! is based off an Otome game, but the actual plot from the game has been thrown out in its entirety. I’m getting some real Wagamama vibes, although it’s much more upfront and honest about its disconnect from its source material. So far I don’t have a lot of hope that Ozmafia!! will become more engaging the further we get in and I suspect it’s really a product for fans of the Otome games, meant as some kind of weird fan service for them. But if this is an attempt to pull in new fans to the franchise, I honestly don’t think it’s going to be all that successful.

Tom Not Recommend Badge

“Not Recommended: Ozmafia!! is a very loose adaptation of the otome game of the same name. But what changes have been made don’t seem to be making it anymore inclusive for newcomers than before.”

Linny Not Recommend Badge

“Not Recommended: A complete change from the source material plus bad storytelling makes this show easy to skip.”











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