Pan de Peace – Mid Season Review

Pan de Peace:

Original Air Dates: April 3rd, 2016 – ???

Oh my, indeed.

Synopsis: Bread-loving Minami is just starting high school. She’s absolutely obsessed with anything that has to do with bread. Once at school she meets two new friends, Yuu and Fuyumi, whom she immediately bonds with over bread. It’s nice to meet people who share your tastes and now she’s got people to talk about bread with!

Mid Season (6 episodes) Review (Warning: Some Spoilers to Follow):

Tom: Pan de Peace is a simple show with a simple concept: Girls obsessed with bread live their lives. The story never goes beyond that, and expecting a show, that lasts for no more than three minutes at a time, to expand on that overly simple concept is perhaps asking for too much. That said, it’s important for short-form shows to utilize their ideas to the fullest, and push the boundaries of their initial premise, constantly finding new ways to play with the ideas of their chosen landscape. Pan de Peace doesn’t do this. Episodes pay minimal lip service to the bread obsession these girls share, instead focusing on generally mundane scenarios week to week that offer little in the way of substance.

Please refrain from crushing the chibi cutie.

Linny: It doesn’t have any proper story to speak of and the involvement of the central bread theme sometimes feels forced. For example in one episode, one of the girls confesses she’s applying for a manga assistant job, but becomes upset as her friends ask about it. But of course, two bread treats later, she’s in a state of bliss and her manga job is never mentioned again, all for the sake of ensuring that there’s bread in the story. It’s the central theme but I wish the show offered more intelligent, cute or funny ways to include Bread rather than the end point always being the girl/s eat/s bread. In another episode, one of the girls is upset about gaining weight and starts crash dieting and exercising. She not only seems least invested in her efforts but by the end of the episode, oh look, she’s gorging on bread. I get what the show is going for but they haven’t been making me laugh or and I don’t find the girls especially endearing. Then again, it could just be that I am not the target audience. If you find the girls appealing or endearing, it’s possible that all these harmless and simple anecdotal episodes makes you just want to cuddle them or pinch their cheeks for being so cute and harmless.

Only ONE??

Tom: The girls obsession with bread is pervasive, but never becomes all that interesting. In fact, it’s obvious the premise is struggling as the girls rarely have much to praise about the bread they’re tasting each week. We get a name, some dialogue about how wonderful it tastes and that’s generally it. Compared to something like Shokugeki, which can expound and extol praise upon numerous types of food, it’s surprising Pan de Peace can’t offer more than “Oh gosh! This baguette is so tasty! Mmm! I could eat this all day.” In fact, the bread more seems an excuse to bring these four moe girls together as friends. Ultimately none of the girls are all that interesting. Their obsession with bread defines so much of their personality that we really haven’t gotten to know them beyond that.One girl is shy, another weird, another bubbly and one is– well, obsessed with bread. Pan de Peace’s biggest offense is being unable to do anything interesting with the characters, setting or the premise it’s presented.

Linny: The show seems to spend most of its energy trying to make the girls look cute. This could work well for those who enjoy simple shows about a group of moe girls being moe, but it struggles to pull it off smoothly. While I personally saw some promise in the tiniest girl of the group with her dreamy and quirky personality, she barely does anything to showcase that quirkiness anymore. At the end of the day, these girls feel like quick generic moe sketches rather than full fledged characters in their own rights, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I forgot all about them or even the show by the end of next season.

Let’s get adventurous…with bread.

Tom: Often times the most mundane of premises can find themselves elevated within the anime medium thanks to a visually gripping interpretation. Many anime would be nothing without their art and this is where Pan de Peace’s animation completely fails. The content is already plain, mundane, and perhaps even uninteresting. Impressive animation could’ve elevated an otherwise boring story into something wholly enjoyable. But as evidenced in episode four, during a sequence where the girls are fighting through a mob of classmates to secure the last, tasty sandwich that’s highly sought during lunch time, the animation does nothing to aid what could’ve been a hilarious, visually memorable sequence. Instead we’re treated to the bare bones interpretation of the events, leaving viewers bored.

Linny: The animation is truly in the bare minimum range, but the pastel colours really do help sell the fluffy, cute look and feel of the story.

The most relatable scene in the series.

Tom: So far Pan de Peace is boring, even for a show that often clocks in at about two minutes and thirty seconds. There’s far stronger shorts that offer more entertainment per minute and are more memorable than Pan de Peace, which is almost entirely forgettable.

Linny: Pan de Peace isn’t the worst show for moe fans, but it’s also rather basic and honestly boring unless you are won over by the cute looks and quirky natures of the girls. Even for a short show, the episodes drag as the jokes are about as bland as the animation quality.

Tom: Pan de Peace is one of the weaker short form offerings this season. I’d even rank it behind Wagamama High Spec, a show that misintroduced itself. Pan de Peace is for the hardened moe, slice of life fans that are content with what little Pan de Peace has to offer. For the more average viewer, Pan de Peace may be short, and by the end all twelve of its episodes won’t even exceed half an hour in its total run time , but I don’t believe this series is worth even that meager amount of your time.

Tom Not Recommended Art

“Not Recommended: Pan de Peace is inoffensive, but also bland and uninspired. There’s better short form anime you could sink half an hour total of your time into.”

Linny Not Recommend Badge

“Not Recommended: Try this if the moe girls win you over with their looks alone as there isn’t much else of worth in the show.”












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