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Original Air Dates: January 11th, 2017 – ???

Great criteria for picking your future workplace, amirite?

Synopsis: Morina Nanase is looking for a job and finds one at Trattoria Festa, an Italian restaurant filled with a plethora of quirky characters. Through her work there, and the unique cuisine, Morina will mature as a person.

1st Episode Review (Warning: Some Spoilers to Follow):

Linny: It’s clear that Piacevole is going to be a comedy about happy go lucky Morina learning to appreciate Italian cuisine and all that goes into it , while also befriending and winning over the arrogant manager she’s working under. It’s not the most unique premise and a lot of the jokes in it will most likely be familiar to experienced anime fans.

Tom: It’s pretty simplistic, then again that’s not really a bad thing for short-form anime. But for anyone who’s watched a lot of the medium, things play out almost beat for beat as you’d expect. There’s no real surprises, or fresh humor. Piacevole moves along exactly as you’d expect. It’s predictable.

Well, she IS Japanese so it’s understandable that she can’t read Italian.

Linny: The show could potentially still be funny since we have only seen one short episode so far and that isn’t conclusive of what the rest might be like. However, it’s probably a safe bet most of its comedy will be predictable. Thanks to the cuisine component of the show, if it does decide to put focus on it every  now and then, it might have some unique appeal for foodies.

Tom: The characters are quite lively, although their comedy rarely extends beyond tried and true jokes: A menu written in another language, noticing that one of the adults has a rather large rack, etc. It’s all so mundane and when a show should be strutting its best stuff to hook you in, Piacevole gives a mediocre first impression.

Linny: It doesn’t help that the two main characters seem very stereotypical and common. From the talented but arrogant genius cook/manager to our sweet and dumb female protagonist.

Being late is NEVER acceptable.

Tom: One boon is Piacevole’s lovely pastel like artwork, which keeps the series feeling cute and adorable, even if the comedy hasn’t really proved itself.

Linny: Piacevole isn’t the most amazing short show out there but it does have enough cuteness and comedy to be a decent watch for those who like shorts. Having read some of the original manga, I know that the comedy doesn’t pick up all that much but it does feature Italian cooking regularly. So for those who want a quick, harmless watch with some food bits thrown in, Piacevole is a perfectly enjoyable experience.

Tom: Piacevole is yet another entry in the long line of anime this season that aren’t great, aren’t bad, just so-so. It’s as mediocre as mediocre gets and continues to hammer home how disappointing Winter 2017 is so far.

“Take it or Leave it: Piacevole’s humor is predictable and common. The artwork is cute, but there’s little unique and compelling to keep you coming back.”

“Take it or Leave it: Piacevole doesn’t have the most original comedy but it’s not the worst either and its cuter elements might win you over.”











Piacevole is available for streaming via Crunchyroll.com

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