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Planet With – Anime Review

Synopsis: Soya Kuroi is a high schooler living a peaceful life despite having no memories of his past. One day, however, his town is attacked by one of the mysterious Nebula Weapons. Together with the cat-like “Sensei” and the gothic lolita Ginko, Soya gets dragged into a battle against… seven superheroes who protect the town! What is Soya’s reason to fight? The answer lies in his memories. (Official Crunchyroll Synopsis)

The look of a young man who’s just had his private collection discovered by others.

Review (Warning: Minor Spoilers to Follow):

Linny: Planet With grabs the audience’s attention with its unique cast and designs, introducing creative and unusual characters as well as plot points to craft a show that stands out from the crowd. The novelty factor helps to keep the audience intrigued because lets be honest, a group of power rangers/super morphing super heroes that includes an aged old man is definitely unique and sure to have most viewers watch just out of sheer curiosity. Then there’s the very strange living situation of our protagonist whose daily life with a maid cosplaying character and a sentient human sized cat are treated as nothing more than an average day in his life, despite clearly being anything but.

Proving you’re never too old to be a hero.

Tom: Planet With’s greatest boon, beyond it’s unusual and creative characters, is simply how tight it is. Planet With wastes no time with distractions. There’s no one off, monster of the week stories that could be removed from the series and nothing would change.Every episode, every moment, every scene has its intended purpose and comes together so tight, so perfectly, that Planet With blasts along at a rapid pace compared to other Mecha, never wasting a moment on the screen and never rushing through events so much that things feel too fast.The only downside to this is we never get an episode or two to really explore our characters. They remain largely thin, married to their initial introduction, with only Soya himself truly growing as an individual. With little extra, character focused, material it can make it difficult to grow truly attached to the cast, making more weighty emotional scenes late in the series not hit quite as hard as would be ideal.

Linny: To be completely honest and sincere, a thorough look at the story reveals that while it does contain unique characters and elements, at the heart of it all, the main plot is a little lackluster and some pickier audiences might even feel like the flashy elements are an attempt to dress up something old and worn as groundbreaking. It’s not a huge detriment because visually it keeps itself looking fresh and the tight execution keeps the story from suffering any lulls. But a closer look may have viewers easily predicting what is going to happen next or perhaps disappointed by the show’s lack of convincing explanations or non-existent buildups to certain later events and developments.

And also very strange.

Tom: What’s truly impressive about Planet With is just how much development there is in a single 12 episode season. There’s essentially two seasons worth of your typical Mecha anime, and a movie plot/ time skip to cap things off at the end to boot! What’s even more incredible is that it all works. Maybe the characters aren’t as deep and compelling or endearing due to limited time and heavy plot focus, but unlike other anime this very Summer Planet With makes it work all the same. If you want a story filled to the brim with twists and turns, constant developments and not a single moment wasted, then Planet With is a top level choice and stands as one of the strongest Mecha anime in years.

Linny: Planet With runs a tight ship, cramming a ton of information and plot into its 12 episodes and doing it well enough to keep the viewer entertained and on track. But this fast pace makes it hard to really get to know and connect with the characters, ensuring that major emotional moments fail to hit as hard as they could. It’s still a quirky, fun watch nonetheless and one that will at least leave a mark on you for its more creative and unusual components and designs. It’s definitely worth your time to check it out if you like stories about the eternal struggle between right and wrong and the morality of controlling free will.

Recommended: Planet With is filled to the brim with content, making it one of the most meaty, plot heavy and fun anime to watch out of everything the Summer had to offer.

Recommended: Planet With has flashy ideas and designs but its fast paced story can leaves characters and plot developments feeling paper thin.
















Planet With is available for streaming via Crunchyroll.

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