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Qualidea Code:

Original Air Dates: July 9, 2016 to ???

Girl, I look faaaabuuullloouusss!

Synopsis: An unknown race of beings descended upon the world, obliterating the society we held dear. The children of those who fell in this war, evacuated to cold sleep chambers, awake decades later. They discover that they’ve developed supernatural abilities and utilize these new found powers to protect the remains of Japan against the Unknown. Ichiya is one such individual, having watched his home burn at the hands of the Unknown. He vows to defeat every last one of them and chooses to try and tackle the task all by himself. His sister Utara tries to stay by his side and Ichiya’s allies are constantly rubbed the wrong way by his arrogant nature.

1st Episode Review (Warning: Some Spoilers to Follow): 

Tom: Ichiya is an understandable character. He’s rude, arrogant, forceful, all qualities I could see erupting as a result of severe loss and a building drive to make sure no one ever suffers again. Thanks to Qualidea Code opening with a flashback into Ichiya’s childhood we understand where this kid is coming from, and can imagine how the rude ass wipe of a character today came about. He isn’t very likable however, and in fact most of the cast isn’t particularly endearing. Like Ichiya most of our other heroes seem to suffer from same kind of superiority complex and, save for Ichiya’s sister, Utara, there’s only a handful of other characters that don’t suffer from extreme arrogance and a petty nature.

That fade to black..she’s a goner, guys.

Linny: Despite the flashback, it’s still easy to dismiss Ichiya as another token ambitious loner protagonist, especially since he also has the token female who is all sunshine and butterflies and just cares about him so much. Canaria Utaria, said token pampering female, has all the common attributes of being feminine, clumsy, even a little dumb, but personally, she grew on me and I can’t figure out why. She has the power of song..yes, song. She sings during combat and apparently that heals and boosts her comrades or something like that. It made for a humourous image, a person just singing their heart out while everybody else is fighting for their lives. The supporting cast is a mishmash of familiar stereotypes as well. You have a token, laid back rival for the uptight and ambitious lead. You get a token yuri-ish couple of a tiny loli/moe captain with her doting, older subordinate and so on.

Tom: Despite the issues with the characters, and the story feeling very much like yet another high school kids have super powers and must save the world story, Qualidea Code has a “oh so bad its good” feel going on. That’s not to say Qualidea Code is actually awful, but rather the lack of urgency the characters have, and their focus on one upping each other has this fun, petty vibe that adds a comedic undertone that I’m finding quite enjoyable, even if their enemy brought about the destruction of modern civilization in the first place and that seems really heavy. The fact that none of them seem to care, and would rather bicker amongst themselves gives it a more unique, silly feel compared to other similar anime.

Linny: Yep, if you hadn’t already figured it out, this is yet another post apocalyptic world that uses/needs teenagers to save and protect humanity. The rather unique thing about this show is that the kids are divided into three factions, presumably based on their area of origin and living, aka Tokyo, Chiba and Kanagawa and each faction uses a completely different mode and weapon in combat. It’s a rather strange sight to see kids on ‘brooms’ casting spells, some just flying on their own, while others are slicing things up with their swords and another group is sniping and shooting with guns all at the same time. It really adds to the already silly and playful undercurrent running through the show.

Cue mood music.

Tom: The animation for Qualidea Code is pretty good most of the time, bordering on average during some of the episode’s slower moments. Battle scenes are perhaps the most well animated portions of the episode and thanks to some really great epic music, it’s got a nice vibe going for it.

Linny: Despite lots of familiar tropes for characters, the playful and comedic tone of Qualidea Code makes it an enjoyable watch. It doesn’t seem destined to be the greatest of shows but definitely one that is worth a chance once you’ve gone through your top picks for the season. A rousing musical score combined with nice up close battle animation helps to make up for the weaker animation in zoomed out shots. As long as you don’t go in expecting a masterpiece, it’s all good fun.

Tom: Qualidea Code is based off a Light Novel series, and some of its more trope ridden, generic aspects give that away. Despite that however, Qualidea Code has this air of fun about it. I’m not sure the series will remain enjoyable in this manner, but I also don’t hold a lot of hope that it’ll escape its more common trappings and impress us in any other way.

Tom Recommend Badge

“Recommended: Qualidea Code has a fun air about it, despite it’s wooden characters and generic storyline.”

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“Recommended: Not the best of the season but worth a watch for camp-ey, trope-y comedy and action.”









Qualidea Code is available for streaming via Crunchyroll.com.

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